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EMR & PM for Dental and Oral Surgery Specialties

Digital dental images have become widely available. Improved Electronic Medical Record systems (EMR) with the ability to import, sort and manage these images are critical for the success of applying this new technology to dental care.

EMR for dental and oral surgical specialties are unique in their connectivity to imaging systems and dental equipment, offering the practitioner a central record in which to access the complete patient radiologic history, progress and treatment plan.

Currently most dental-focused EHR/EMR systems will allow the site to:

  • Reduce the use of typing or dictation to create chart notes
  • Increase the detail of patient records more efficiently
  • Verify that critical steps have been addressed during the exam or treatment process
  • Enhance risk management with more detailed, less ambiguous record keeping
  • Enhance the quality of care with smart decision support tools
  • Integrate with radiology systems for more comprehensive image management
  • Easily integrate the connectivity of common dental hardware

In a recent study in which patients as consumers were polled, results showed that nine out of ten patients believe Electronic Medical Records can improve care and reduce the number of medical errors. Additionally more than half said they'd be willing to pay extra if their records were kept in an electronic format.

Find Dental EMR Software:

Search our EMR Software directory and select DENTAL or ORAL SURGERY from the specialty list or search for dental in the product search box. Additionally, contact our product specialist team to help guide you to the best dental EMR solutions and decisions at (800) 671-1028 or

It is important to remember that your selection of technology/hardware and add-on products is also critical to maintaining the best patient-centered workflow.

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Last updated: March 29, 2012