Helping the Medical Community Meet HIPAA Compliance Regulations

4Med Compliance products and services address ambulatory practice needs for HIPAA assessments, documentation, and training. The 4Med HIPAA programs are developed and managed by a team of experienced industry professionals and meet the requirements of The Joint Commission.

To take advantage of the discount available through our partners at Dolvin Consulting, please apply the code DOLVIN1 at checkout for a 5% DISCOUNT on all 4Med Compliance Products and Services! 4Medapproved also provides HIPAA compliance training. To learn more, click here.

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Important: These services are designed for practices with up to 10 providers at a single location. If your practice is larger, contact 4Medapproved for a custom quote by emailing 4medcompliance@4medapproved.com or calling 1-800-671-1028, ex. 35.

Remediation services available. Request a quote from your 4Med Compliance representative. www.dolvin.com/contact_dolvin.html
Email inquiry@dolvin.com or call 609-771-8141.