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EMR/PM Selection for Long Term Care Facilities

Ambulatory Surgical Centers have unique needs relative to the use of the EHR/EMR solution.

Investigation of the competitors in this category will ensure that the transition to an electronic system is more likely to succeed. Common components of the EHR/EMR for surgical centers should include:

Currently most LTC and Urgent Care focused EMR systems will allow the site to:

  • Reduce paperwork to allow for more efficiencies in attentive resident care
  • Eliminate complications due to illegible handwriting and poor communication
  • Enable automatic point-of-care checks for adverse drug interactions
  • Provide immediate access to comprehensive drug reference guides and clinical monographs
  • Enable the hospital and/or medical provider to produce an electronic PRI and discharge summary
  • Permit nursing homes to send an electronic discharge summary to the hospital or home agency
  • Allow electronic order requests and clinician documentation
  • Facilitate point-of-care electronic MAR/TAR/ADL data collection
  • Enable interoperability consistent with the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) protocol

Find the Best Solution


In our, EMR Directory, find LTC and Urgent Care EMR options for review. Click here, select LTC/URGENTCARE from the specialty list or type either term into the product search box. Or contact our product specialist team to help guide you to the best EMR solutions and decisions (800) 671-1028 or

It is important to remember that your selection of technology/hardware and add-on products is also critical to maintaining the best patient-centered workflow.

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Last updated: March 29, 2012