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EMR & EHR for Healthcare Students

Students in the Healthcare Industry will need to know much more about EHR/EMR than their predeccesors due to the changing technology landscape in medicine. has created a unique EMR and HIT educational series to help students address this emerging topic and provide access to excellent tools for project research. Utilizing the self-paced lessons and "Live EMR Workflow Tutorial" embedded in any of the site learning programs can help students become more knowledgeable and proficient on the topic of medical record management.

Staying abreast of this cutting-edge technology will help students position themselves for current and future employment in healthcare.

EHR/EMR/PM Resources for Healthcare Students

Educational Programs

Research Tools & Guides

Networking & Employment

Educational Programs

  • EMR University Certificate (with EMR Workflow Tutorial)
  • EMR Project Management
  • Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Certification
  • Research Tools and Guides

  • 5 Steps to EMR Savings
  • EMR Project Tools
  • HITECH And Meaningful Use
  • 4Medapproved Blog
  • Networking and Employment

  • EMRproNetwork
  • EMR Temp and Permanent Jobs
  • EMR Job Board Listing
  • Learn About the 4Med+ HIT Channel Program

    Meaningful Use

    HITECHAnswers and 4Medapproved partner to bring you the latest information and guidelines regarding HITECH and Meaningful Use!
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    HIPAA Consulting Services

    To learn more about 4Med+ HIPAA Consulting Services, click here.

    Professional Training Courses

    Fore more information about 4Medapproved training courses, including HIPAA training, click here.

    Last updated: March 29, 2012