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HIT 105: IT Assessments: A good start for great IT Infrastructure

Course Content

  • What is an IT Assessment
  • How and when are IT Assessments required
  • Who should conduct the assessment
  • Executing the initial inquiry
  • Onsite assessment steps
  • Creating the assessment report
  • Additional components of a good assessment
  • Building the hardware quote
  • Including value-add options
  • Taking advantage of 4Medapproved online tools
  • Sample Reports, Contracts and Tools

All medical environments hoping to move into an electronic medical record solution or improve their existing technical infrastructure will require an IT Assessment. A great assessment experience will help sell the practice or client on your product offerings and overall guidance services.

As this is such an important piece to the puzzle – 4Medapproved has created a detailed course and sample documentation to help students fully grasp the IT Assessment process to produce an excellent consultant level product…