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HIT 106: Tools for EHR & Companion Software Selection

Course Content

  • Understanding EHR/EMR/PM Product Selection
  • Understanding Companion Software and Services
  • Basic Inquiry Steps; 4Medapproved Wizard Tool
  • 4Medapproved Directories and Comparisons
  • Advanced Inquiry Steps; Hielix Roadmap Report
  • Sample Reports and Case Studies

One of the critical components of assisting a medical practice down the path to best technology is the selection of the EHR/EMR/PM solution. Many factors can help in determining which software is a best fit.

In some cases the choice is made in advance of your hire – for instance, if a local hospital is providing a product subsidy or if the practice has received a recommendation from a colleague or associate. However, in most cases you will be asked to assist in the identification of an appropriate product. If you are new to the industry with limited experience implementing sites with a variety of these solutions – this task can be daunting. provides advisors with the tools and resources needed to guide client practices to the best solutions for them. The site does not represent any single EMR vendor, but instead provides comparative information for ALL of the certified alternatives on the market. This allows consultants to assist the practice without bias, insuring credibility and objectivity in the consulting process. Learning to use the site resources efficiently will give you the confidence to deliver truly professional advice and guidance.