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HIT 107: Implementing Best Technology Infrastructure

Course Content

  • Critical Decisions in Hardware for EHR/EMR
  • Understanding Minimum Vendor Specifications
  • Security/Networking Considerations and Products
  • Companion Products and Guidance
  • Tools/Programs for Hardware Selection and Purchase
  • Using the 4Medapproved Storesite and Support Line
  • Financing/Leasing and Tax Incentives
  • Technology Implementation Plan
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • Sample Orders, Contracts and Case Studies

Once the EMR or medical office software selection is made - the HIT Specialist will need to assess the site, check the vendor specifications and requirements and identify hardware upgrades, replacements and new purchases to prepare for the implementation. Correct IT infrastructure can seriously affect the success of a transition or launch.

Many practices will have "some" technology in place which requires evaluation. The IT Assessment will play an important role in identifying trouble spots requiring upgrade or replacement. The vendor specifications will help guide the recommendation of new hardware, companion products and medical devices. provides advisors with the tools and resources needed to guide client practices to the best technology selections. The store site maintains a comprehensive matrix of minimum vendor specifications and lists only products meeting certified alternative requirements. Most major brand names are available, giving the consultant flexibility to choose hardware that is familiar and a best fit for every site.

Value-added services for hardware such as: financing and leasing assistance, staff training, ongoing maintenance service and support can help differentiate and identify your HIT group as "complete practice resource".

Learning to use the 4Medapproved site resources and hardware sales team - gives consultants confidence to deliver truly professional products and services.