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HIT 109: EMR Practical Use and Workflow Overview

Course Content

  • Understanding Basic Practice Workflow
  • Why is workflow important?
  • Comparing a paper environment to an electronic workflow
  • Practical Use EMR Workflow Tutorial (PPS/Online Tool)
  • What is a Workflow Analysis

Understanding Basic Practice Workflow

Medical practice workflow is the sequence of operations physicians implement to efficiently manage their workload and the workload of their staff. The goal is to streamline daily functions to:

  • examine and treat patients
  • prescribe medications, order tests and report progress
  • collect and capture revenue

Most medical environments will have utilized a routine "paper based" method for workflow for many years. Medical staff is generally accustomed to this method and shrink at the suggestion of altering or "improving" the utilization of technology in place of their comfortable systems. However – once implemented, most good EMR solutions will indeed increase productivity, reduce errors and assist practices in capturing additional revenue.

Examining the existing workflow of a practice prior to implementing new technology can impact the potential for success. A good HIT professional will hope to incorporate the strengths of an existing system with new technology to produce a better overall workflow. Adjusting and adapting the technology to fit the practice as opposed to the other way around will glean a much better buy-in and adoption rate.

This session gives students the opportunity to understand how workflow is both executed and impacted by the influx of technology. Practice modules and tools are included to gain hands-on understanding of the overall medical environment.