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celebrate2 and the 4MedPlus Corporation developed this flexible scholarship and work/study exchange program to aid in the national effort to train and re-train workers in the fast job growth sector of healthcare technology.  Our Careerpath and Gap Training Programs deliver professional online education which can help develop skills for specific job roles in healthcare management and provide valuable convertible college credit toward full degree programs nationwide!

In order to qualify for any of the subsidies, you should submit the application form and select the program which best fits your circumstances as outlined in Options 1-3 below:

OPTION 1) For 60%-100% scholarship; You must meet the criteria in any of the categories 1, 2 or 3 below with the ability to produce supporting documentation (limited availability based on subsidy funding or you may be placed on a waiting list).

OPTION 2) For 50% scholarship: You may meet the criteria in any category 1-5 below, with the ability to outline your circumstances in a brief essay (unlimited availability, based on approval of circumstances by the 4MedPlus scholarship team).

OPTION 3) For Work/Study exchange and work experience credit you may apply from within any category below: While this program does NOT require the same level of hardship eligibility, it may require validation of skills available for exchange. Work skills include but are not limited to: *Graphic Design *HTML Coding *Basic Video Editing *Blog Writing *Script Editing *Social Media Management.

Hours in unpaid internship may be exchanged one-to-one, for hours of professional training with IACET college credit applied. Valuable work experience and employment validation privileges will also be awarded to successful work/study candidates. You may also receive a combined scholarship and work/study package based on your form selections and skillsets.