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EMR ROI / EHR ROI Calculator

Calculate the EMR ROI / EHR ROI before you buy!

A Return on Investment (ROI) or Cost-Benefit Analysis study should be performed before purchasing an EMR or EHR for a healthcare organization. But as the technology has yet to be adopted by the majority of practices nationwide, you’ll want to feel extra good about your ultimate purchase decision. The following EMR ROI / EHR ROI Calculator can help you estimate how much cost you can expect to save by implementing an EMR or an EHR system:

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Materials Per Day Cost per Unit Total per Month
New patient chart
Fax papers
Medical History Sheets
Printer papers
Monthly Savings:
Cost of Medical Records Space      
Size of medical record room (sq. ft.)    
Rent/sq. ft. of Office per Month    
Monthly Rent Savings:
Monthly Employee Cost Per Day Minutes  
Patient Chart Pulls
Patient Chart Pulls with EMR
Net Savings in Minutes:
Patient Chart Filing
Patient Chart Filing with EMR
Net Savings in Minutes:
Chart Transfer to Other Locations
Chart Transfer with EMR
Net Savings in Minutes:
Total Hours of Staffing Time Saved:
Average Hourly Wage of Support Staff:
Monthly Savings:
Physician Time Per Day Minutes  
Record Dictation
Record Dictation with EMR
Net Savings in Minutes:
Total Savings in Minutes (-18 hours):
Average Time of Patient Visit per Physician:
Additional Patients Seen with EMR:
Average Reimbursement Rate per Visit:
Monthly Financial Benefit/Cost of EMR:
Monthly Transcription Cost:
Monthly Benefit/Cost of EMR Replacing Transcriptionist:
Total savings/cost of EMR Materials/Rent/Staffing/Transcription:
Cost of EMR Package Total Amortized 60 mths. Amortized 36 mths.
Cost of Software
Cost of Hardware
Cost of Maintenance
Total EMR Cost
Bottom Line   Over 60 mths. Over 36 mths.
Monthly Cost/Savings of EMR