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Why Adopt an EMR or EHR?

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There are compelling reasons to consider moving from paper medical records or upgrading an electronic system to a full-fledged EHR. Most importantly, a successful EHR can bring to you and your practice - improvements in the quality of patient care, productivity, and revenue.

Improved Patient Care

  • Overall improved chart quality
  • Reduced medical errors (especially errors due to handwriting illegibility)
  • Consolidated patient histories and electronic drug decision support enable physicians to more accurately prescribe and administer medication
  • Enable the physician to electronically generate and transmit prescriptions and prescription-related information
  • Electronic clinical decision support and best practices in the physician's hands at the point of care facilitate correct diagnoses
  • Automatically generated patient reminders for preventive and follow-up care according to patient preferences.
  • Expanded health promotion, prevention and maintenance activities are possible
  • Enhanced communication with patients

Improved Productivity

  • Multiple user and location access to patient charts
  • Time savings in locating, filing and copying requested medical records
  • Reduced paperwork and duplicate writing
  • Prompt electronic billing and greater ease in invoicing and payment
  • Enhanced communication

Increased Revenue

  • Decreased lost revenue with accurate coding
  • Elimination of medical record storage and transcription costs
  • Huge reduction in chart materials purchased
  • Increased services rendered due to health maintenance reminders
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Increased physician productivity that can translate to additional patients seen per day
  • Better control of patient care costs by reducing redundancy of clinical services
  • Office space savings from eliminated chart storage that can translate into billable space
  • Tax incentives

If you qualify for the CMS EHR incentives, the financial incentives to implement this technology are such that it would be prudent to act now before they lapse. For a good source for additional and detailed information, visit our educational Content pages.

EHR adoption is not a simple process and it is a critical decision that requires the investment of time, resources, and money. There is no plug in and play solution. Any change in your practice operation of this magnitude will require a collective affirmation within your practice. For this reason, you and your staff need to be fully vested in the improvements that a successful EHR implementation can bring to your practice. While there are real challenges involved with an EHR adoption, such as initial reduced productivity, difficulty of learning new processes, the related costs, and uncertainty of qualification of CMS EHR incentives, they are all dependent on making informed choices.

The research to determine the appropriate product is paramount to you achieving all the benefits that an EHR can provide as well as qualifying for CMS EHR incentives. Assessing your current patient load, workflow, administrative system, overall computer skills, and office IT infrastructure are the essential first steps. Examining the future goals for your practice is also a piece that should be considered.

A successful implementation depends on your choice of an EHR that best fit your practice's specialty, current and future operations. The decisions that you make have far reaching ramifications for your practice. This type of investment can require a level of IT expertise that makes the hiring of an unbiased IT consulting company well-versed in EHR systems a good investment. They can assess your current environment, assist you to make informed choices, fully prepare your IT infrastructure for the EHR software implementation, and support that infrastructure.

Solutions, Tools, and Products

Review, compare, and select EHR Software Solutions.

Search for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products when selecting and purchasing EHRs and related products.

Find and select IT Professionals that can provide guidance to EMR relevant products and services, create IT assessments, provide IT infrastructure, install computer technology as well as maintain and support all of your practice technology.


Last updated: May 20, 2013

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