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SpeechSolutions, Inc.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition, created by NUANCE specifically for practices with fewer than 25 physicians, is the most efficient way to enter text in an EMR by speaking instead of typing. The award-winning Dragon Medical Practice Edition works with any Windows-based EMR and is backed by the largest and most experienced speech recognition company in the world – NUANCE.

For doctors who do not type quickly, using Dragon Medical Practice Edition results in a better medical record. As one doctor put it, “Dragon Medical gives doctors the ability to make notations in the EMR of differential diagnoses and treatment options if the patient is not improving.” This information rounds out the note and significantly increases its value for patient care. Even fast keyboarders will see how much easier and faster it is to pick up a microphone, dictate to Dragon Medical and go on to the next patient.


Use state-of-the-art technology that runs in the cloud, with full HIPAA and ICD-10 compliance. Streamline the collections process and reduce A/R time with more than 70 readily available reports. Instantly verify insurance benefits with more than 200 payers. Create your own interface with customized screens, reports and forms. Receive free backups, upgrades and support


Netgain is a healthcare IT provider delivering private cloud environments to over 200 medical practices nationwide. Netgain provides flexible solutions in hosted and on-site environments; adhering to HIPAA-compliance to meet the changing needs in healthcare.

Netgain helps healthcare providers maximize the value of their IT investments by providing secure solutions and hands-on services that go beyond business continuity to support business growth. Our client-focused, responsive approach provides healthcare organizations peace of mind by getting their IT infrastructure and processes working faster, allowing them to maximize budget and increase operational efficiencies.


Sookasa is the only company that makes Dropbox HIPAA compliant and will sign a Business Associate Agreement.

Simply place your sensitive files in the Sookasa folder on Dropbox, and your files will be kept encrypted, audited and access controlled anywhere on the cloud or on your devices. You can authorize your internal colleagues to view the encrypted files, by adding them as team members. You can also share with business associates and patients by adding them as external partners or sending them secure Sookasa file links.

Sookasa protects your files even if you lose a device or accidentally share with someone who is not authorized to see the files.


Experience the DrFirst Difference! DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services designed to optimize healthcare provider access to patient information, improve the doctor’s clinical view of the patient at the time of care, and enable more effective, efficient administration and collaboration across a patient’s circle of caregivers. Our growth is driven by a commitment to innovation and reliability across a wide array of service areas, including Medication History and e-Prescribing, Secure Messaging and Clinical Data Sharing, and Patient Behavioral Education and Medication Adherence. We are a Surescripts Gold Certified provider, and have the #1-ranked Standalone e-Prescribing Software as rated by Black Book Rankings. We are proud of our track record of service to 40,000 providers and over 270 EMR/EHR/HIS vendors nationwide. For more information please visit

Web Design and Patient Portals by MEDICAL WEB EXPERTS

Medical Web Experts offers medical practices the hightest quality website design services. Each design is built to suit from scratch without using out of the box templates. Our web sites integrate with many of the top EMRs on the market.

Dragon Medical by NUANCE

Dragon® Medical is a family of front-end, real-time speech recognition solutions. For healthcare organizations, Dragon Medical is the fastest, most cost-effective path to clinician EHR adoption, better care, and greater physician satisfaction. A mission-critical solution, Dragon Medical is the choice of 180,000 physicians for dictating progress notes, HPI, assessments and plans, consult notes, referral letters and more. It is up to 99% accurate instantly, with medical vocabularies covering nearly 60 specialties and subspecialties. And it helps you achieve meaningful use.


Clearweave offers a real-time solution to your patient access and registration issues. A flat monthly fee for unlimited real-time eligibility transactions allows immediate savings. Add self service kiosks to reduce patient registration time, collect more cash at the point of service and reduce administrative tasks and paper. Clearwave offers you the ability to get the best USPS address for each patient and eliminates duplicate patient records automatically every time.

Patient Responsibility Calculator

Patient Responsibility Calculator is a utility designed to be used by medical service providers and their staff to estimate patient responsibility at the time of service or even prior to a procedure being rendered. The initial configuration requires entry of payer information and fee schedule for the CPT codes most often used in the office. During normal operation, a medical provider or staff will enter all CPT codes and a corresponding number of units for each E&M or surgical procedure performed during the visit, as well as patient insurance information, such as co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, maximum OOP amount, etc. The calculator will reference the fee schedule entered into the calculator and estimate patient responsibility of the bill. It will display the result on the screen. It also has the ability to provide a printable explanation of procedures and their costs for the patient with customizable header and message relevant to the practice. Thus, the entire patient responsibility amount can be collected upfront, reducing time to get paid, delinquent accounts, and overdue patient bills.


CheckinWorks is designed to allow patients to walk themselves through the entire check in process privately, securely and independently using a tablet PC. Patients, with or without appointments, can check themselves in, process insurance co-pays and sign consent forms. Patients can also be prompted to begin the medical interview process by being presented with a customized series of questions.

Civerex Systems

Civerex Systems Inc. is a leading International software company that manufactures knowledgebase (CIVER-MANAGE) and transaction-processing (workflows, continuous quality management) software suites for mission-critical applications in behavioral healthcare (CIVER-PSYCH), general medicine (CIVER-MED), law enforcement (CIVER-MIND), accreditation (CIVER-CERTIFY) and manufacturing (CIVER-SUPPLIER) industry areas.

Visual Med

Visual MED delivers technology relevant products that support the objectives of our private practice medical imaging customer that enhance services, reduce costs and increase opportunities to grow their practices, without inhibiting work flow.


Emdeon is a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers and patients in the U.S. healthcare system. Emdeon's product and service offerings integrate and automate key business and administrative functions of its payer and provider customers throughout the patient encounter. Through the use of Emdeon's comprehensive suite of products and services, which are designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures, customers are able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more efficiently manage the complex revenue and payment cycle and clinical information exchange processes.


Most hospitals’ current technology investments, such as enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) and clinical information system (CIS), allow easy integration with Lumidigm fingerprint sensors. Identity and access management can be simplified with the touch of a finger. Dependable, high-performing Lumidigm technology presents limitless opportunities to streamline hospital performance and deliver end-user satisfaction.

eDist Business Solutions

eDist is the leading Value Added Distributor for speech recognition and dictation devices. Speech recognition software eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly transcription while increasing the productivity and profitability of your business. Using the progressive technology behind Dragon Medical Practice Edition Software, clinicians can now dictate every element of a patient visit in a narrative format, develop more complete and accurate patient records, customize speech patterns, automate common keystrokes and draft general office correspondence. We have a large network of certified partners throughout North America that can assist all of your speech recognition needs. We proudly offer Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac as the leading choice for medical speech recognition. We also offer dictation sources and workflow optimization software from Nuance, Philips, Olympus and various other manufactures. For more information or to be connected with a certified partner near you, go to

Pragmate, LLC - MedGrail

The MedGrail software is built on foundation of EMR with comprehensive health information about the population and provides for multiple care management programs using proven and simple to use workflows


"ALTUS is the leading manufacturer of Mobile and Wall Mounted Technology Workstations. Our innovative designs, patented Ascend lift technology, and superior value are unsurpassed in the industry. Not only does ALTUS enhance your EMR/CPOE initiatives, but we also help bring critical information to the point-of-care in patient rooms, OR, ICU and/or ED."


MobileMDTM offers the industry’s only four dimensional health information exchange – care, service, economics, and technology – providing physicians with real-time, secure, clinical and administrative information regardless of location, affiliation, EMR technology, or vendor.


ZirMed is an information technology company with a passion for simplifying the complexities of healthcare payments for providers and their patients. With online innovations, we turn dozens of steps into an easy click. We turn hundreds of problems into a simple solution.


ET&T Clearinghouse, a Health-e-Web, Inc. (HeW) company, is committed to reducing healthcare costs by delivering numerous electronic data interchange solutions to various sectors of the healthcare industry. ET&T’s product and service offerings encompass providing Healthcare Organizations with premier Revenue Cycle Management Solutions, providing Health Insurance Carriers with a state of the art communication gateway, supporting communications with other Clearinghouses, and developing strategic alliances with Channel Partners.

Midmark Corporation

Our customers recognize us as leaders in the industry. Expertise is a key element in creating efficient patient care. We need to have a deep understanding of and commitment to providing our customers and their patients with a caring environment. As experts, we strive to learn and improve each day. We know that our knowledge is never complete, therefore we have a willingness to learn, and an openness to trying something new. Because we care about our customers and teammates, our expertise is not something we keep to ourselves; it is something we share across lines of business, across departments and across facilities


Our intelligent patient kiosks offer easy to use patient self check in (patient registration), wayfinding assistance, medical interviews and surveys.

iSALUS Healthcare

iSALUS provides industry-leading EMR and Practice Management solutions to thousands of physicians, hospitals and healthcare systems in 48 states and accessed throughout the world, processing more than a half billion dollars in medical claims each year.

Identity Finder, LLC

Hospitals and healthcare professionals must protect patient privacy and comply with state and federal regulations while maintaining high levels of patient care. Identity Finder DLP is the leading sensitive data discovery and protection software that finds and secures your patient Protected Health Information (PHI) quickly, accurately, and affordably.


We’re Gateway EDI. Responsible from patient to payment.As one of the nation’s fastest growing health care EDI providers, Gateway EDI offers simple solutions to complex electronic connectivity challenges. Our technology improves your efficiency by automating key business functions. From standard claims processing and status reports to sophisticated technology for flagging rejected claims, we’re here for you.


At CollaborateMD, we specialize in Internet-based Practice Management/Billing systems, and you reap the benefits! Our monthly first pass claim acceptance rate across all of our customers has consistently averaged 99%! That?s a full 29% higher than the national average. This means your claims arrive at the insurance company faster, resulting in you receiving payments dramatically quicker.

Otech Group, LLC

This software/hardware solution integrates with your practice management system

Marshfield Clinic

Cattails Software Patient Portals build and publish a base set of Web services from CattailsMD. A variety of portal management services are provided, ranging from supplying Web service access to data stored in the EMR and practice management systems, to turn-key portal applications hosted and managed by Cattails Software.


MDToolbox-Rx is a complete e-Prescribing system that can run stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with EHR/PM systems looking to add an e-Rx module. MDToolbox offers a highly customizable and simple to use electronic prescribing system that is Surescripts®, Meaningful Use, and EPCS certified.


QGenda provides web-based on-call physician scheduling software to assist hospital based physician groups manage the complexities of their work schedule. QGenda’s individualized settings meet the needs of specialized personnel of any medical group including the specialties of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Emergency, OBGYN, Hospitalists, Pathology, Radiology, and CRNAs. (


Dolbey has created Fusion Suite™, an enterprise-wide group of products specifically designed to alleviate today’s healthcare IT headaches. This fully integrated solution includes innovative software and hardware for your dictation, transcription and speech recognition needs. Fusion Suite provides specialized workflow between these three elements while also lending industry-leading management tools. Today’s top programmers, utilizing years of experience in the industry, spent many hours creating a management system that goes beyond today’s expectations and tomorrow’s technology.

Mobility Carts by ERGOTRON

StyleView® for Everywhere Point of Care! The next generation StyleView products are packed with the most sought after features on the market, making Ergotron uniquely qualified to bring EMR, eMAR, PACS and CPOE to the point of care. Virtual Tour | Product List | Explore StyleView | SV Cart Finder Products Integration Consultation Mounting & Mobility Products Bring information to the point of care Ergotron products allow computer systems to be easily and ergonomically positioned for any user. The effect? Minimizing space requirements and maximizing efficiency. Ease of motion – Quick adjustment; easily maneuver to the point of care True ergonomic designs – Create a comfortable work environment for you Space-saving technologies – Place equipment wherever it is needed Tablet PC & MCA compatible – Hands-free positioning for pen-enabled computing

Proximity Systems, Inc.

Custom Computer Workstations for Hospitals, Clinics, Offices & Industry. For an affordable custom computer workstation with a perfect fit every time, it takes a time-proven process of thorough needs assessment, design, engineering and manufacturing - which is the Proximity Systems way. process of thorough needs assessment, design, engineering and manufacturing - which is the Proximity Systems way. For each workstation solution, Proximity considers the needs of all end-users and all those involved in the deployment.

Elsevier / MEDai

MEDai is a state-of-the-art clinical analytics solutions provider that empowers hospitals and health systems to achieve optimum clinical and financial effectiveness, improved delivery of care, and patient safety through the use of award-winning predictive analytics. As a must have in the new world of healthcare reform, the Pinpoint Suite delivers the power to predict, understand, and thrive.

4D Imaging Systems Inc.

The PhotoStation Manager™ Wound Care Edition V2.1 software improves a practice’s paper or electronic records by creating an efficient workflow for capturing, organizing and using photo documentation. The PhotoStation Manager is compatible with any digital camera and will operate on your existing Windows® based computers. We’ve added easy to use features that let you create Before and After Reports, Report visually on the change in Size, Color, or Shape of key features of interest, make text and graphical notations on your photos, and easily upload your photos through your Electronic Record System’s photo import interface.


The Crescendo suite of software solutions was designed to help healthcare facilities streamline the most complex document workflows in the most secure, cost-effective way. From voice capture to final report distribution and interfaces with third-party systems, Crescendo enables over 2,000 hospitals and clinics around the world to achieve true efficiency gains through advanced workflow automation while achieving the centralization of patient data that is so critical to future EMR/EPR projects.

Presidio Networked Solutions

Presidio architects purpose-built IT solutions and services that enable you to solve your most challenging problems and achieve extraordinary success. Working as an extension to your team with our unique client engagement framework minimizes risks associated with technology adoption and ensures the highest quality of service.


LG CNS will lead the realization of the digital hospital by elevating the level of hospital work efficiency and by supporting higher level of medical services. The company is leading the field of medical system integration with its variety of medical information solutions and qualified experts. We guarantee the reliability and scalability of your medical services with our excellent business operation capabilities where our proven business management methodology is applied with development of new technology at our independent research center is carried out in compliance with international standards (ICOM, HL7, HIPAA, etc.).


Reliance Software Systems delivered the first fully web-based clinical data repository in the healthcare market, and we are passionately loyal to our Web technology commitment today. With many hospitals and physician practices struggling to operate in the black, a reliable, secure, web-based foundation best delivers the assuredness of significant long-term ROI. This Web 2.0 technology foundation also provides a stable and much more enabled platform to provide sophisticated features and functions.


More Efficient Workflow - No Integration Required. SayIt works directly alongside an electronic medical record (EMR) or other business application to convert spoken words to text within seconds. Dictate notes and use simple voice commands to insert rote text blocks, navigate EMR templates, or access other applications. Share common vocabulary and other shortcuts across the team to boost productivity.

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