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Business Insurance - for those who purchase insurance

Business Insurance is edited for corporate and institutional executives who, regardless of title, purchase insurance, manage employee benefits and risk management and safety programs, and who generally are responsible for the conservation of corporate assets.

Fundamentals of Law for Health Informatics & Health Information Management - AHIMA, 2009

This is the only legal book structured specifically for HIM classroom use, facilitating educator and student mastery of basic legal concepts relating to HIM. Authored by well-known experts in law, education, and HIM practice, this roadmap also offers guidance for HIM professionals and healthcare practitioners to understand the legal issues of health records

American Journal of Nursing / AJN - award-winning, peer-reviewed, monthly journal

Published monthly, AJN is the official journal of the American Nurses Association and as such, harbors a high level of prestige not only among nurses, but medical professionals from all trades. Features are usually reserved for in-depth research studies or new nursing procedures.

Social Media in Healthcare: Connect, Communicate & Collaborate - ACHE, 2010

This new book provides an overview of the social media tools healthcare organizations are using to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their patients, physicians, staff, vendors, media, and the community at large. It describes the major social media applications and reviews their benefits, uses, limitations, risks, and costs.

New England Journal of Medicine - medical research papers primarily

Journal for Nurses in Staff Development - issues & innovations impacting staff development

The Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD) is a specialized source of information for staff development and patient educators in all healthcare settings.

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles & Practice, 3e - AHIMA, 2010

This edition has been expanded and updated to include information on emerging issues such as electronic health records, information management, hybrid records, HIM standards development, personal health records, legality of heath records, clinical classifications and terminologies, clinical quality management, ethics, and biomedical and research support.

Orthopedic Coding Alert - Coding Institute, tools to optimize reimbursement

It is full of expert and up-to-date advice that is detailed, understandable and immediately useable. It help your office to ethically optimize your claims reimbursement and cut down on delays and denials.

FirstHealth Magazine

Online version of a health and wellness lifestyle magazine in beta form while being developed.

Medical & Clinical Sites - patient education; consumer information

This Guide provides links to sites that offer medical information, primarily for consumers and patients.

Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare - 2010

This book addresses the priorities within informatics and presents a complete and thorough survey of the most promising e-health technologies. This is illustrated with the inclusion of case reports identifying real applications of the techniques, with the focus on providing an integrated overview of e-health, and the medical, sociological and technical aspects.

HIPAA Compliance Handbook - 2010

The HIPAA Compliance Handbook is intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers, risk managers and others who have the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Administrative rules.

Project Management for Healthcare Informatics - 2010

Project Management for Healthcare Informatics provides an explanation of the project management process tailored for nurses through its use of real clinical examples.

Clinical Examples in Radiology - guide to CPT coding & billing, AMA

A quarterly newsletter, Clinical Examples in Radiology, provides expert advice and guidance of especially high value to the day-to-day needs of the radiology coding professionals.

Connected for Health: Using Electronic Health Records to Transform Care Delivery - 2010

Connected for Health shares what Kaiser Permanente has learned so far in tapping the vast potential of electronic health records to improve care and expand the frontiers of medical research.

Radiology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, reimbursement & compliance

This monthly newsletter offers you the latest information and approaches to optimizing your radiology reimbursement. It covers detailed and up-to-date coding recommendations for procedures such as echo exam of abdomen, bone imaging, CAT scan of head or brain and much more.

Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office: Fundamentals & Practice, 2e - 2010

Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office appeals to those needing a reference to electronic patient records, software and technology. This book provides instruction regarding basic hands-on computer skills for medical office work.

Aspects of Electronic Health Record Systems, 2e - 2010

This book reviews typical needs of a variety of stakeholders, describes current and imminent technologies, and assesses the available evidence regarding issues in implementing and using EHR-Ss.

American Hospital Association News - online version of print publication

A monthly journal, Nursing Management: The Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership, provides strategic professional information and services that nurses need to excel as health care managers and leaders.

(The) Nursing Informatics Implementation Guide - 2010

This book is an indispensable tool and a practical guide for nurses and health care professionals as it details the implementation processes of both small and large clinical computer systems used in various health care settings.

Calculating & Reporting Healthcare Statistics, 3e - AHIMA, 2009

This workbook is designed specifically for those who need to learn how to calculate basic healthcare rates and percentages such as mortality rates, length of stay, percentage of occupancy, and more.

Group Practice Journal - AMGA, American Medical Group Association

The Group Practice Journal offers dynamic business solutions to physician leaders and administrators, addressing the vital business information needs of the medical group industry with practical, timely articles.

Managed Care Report - regulatory updates, business strategies, litigation, etc.

Managed Care Report is a hard-hitting package that will set you on the course to a more profitable future in managed care for less than a third of the cost of competing publications.

Developments in Healthcare Information Systems & Technologies: Models & Methods - 2010

Developments in Healthcare Information Systems and Technologies: Models and Methods presents the latest research in healthcare information systems design, development, and deployment, benefiting researchers, practitioners, and students. Contributions investigate topics such as clinical education, electronic medical records, clinical decision support systems, and IT adoption in healthcare.

Legal, Governmental & Regulatory - compliance & accreditation resources

This Guide assists healthcare and medical professionals in locating resources regarding legal, ethical, regulatory, malpractice and compliance issues. Documents, links, articles, books and publications are provided here.

Intelligent Paradigms in Healthcare Enterprises - 2009

This book is an overview of intelligent paradigms and strategic investments that might pay off for the healthcare enterprise.

CPT Changes - companion to CPT Assistant

This softbound book is published annually by the AMA CPT staff. It serves as a reference tool for understanding each of the CPT code changes in the recent year. With your purchase, you will receive the most current edition of CPT Changes.

Executive & Health Administration - for healthcare managers

This Guide provides a wealth of information regarding salary and compensation in the healthcare and medical fields.

Modern Healthcare - the only health care business news weekly

Modern Healthcare, the only health care business news weekly, provides hospital executives with reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive healthcare news.

Practice Building 2.0 for Mental Health Professionals: Strategies for Success in the Electronic Age - current edition

Practice Building 2.0 is chock-full of creative, practical, and sage advice, offered from one of the most talented minds in the field today. In the ever-changing health-care jungle, this book is the compass to guide our way

Trustee - for governing boards of health care systems & hospitals

Trustee provides health care system and hospital governing boards with the information they need to provide leadership and strategic direction that improves community health and contributes to the financial stability of their institutions.

Information Discovery on Electronic Health Records - 2010

The book tackles medical privacy concerns, the lack of standardization for the representation of EHRs, missing or incorrect values, and the availability of multiple rich health ontologies.

Neurology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, compliance advice from experts

This newsletter will provide all the tips and tactics to help make your neurology coding easier, faster, and more accurate. Learn how to properly code for motor nerve conduction tests, electroencephalograms, muscle tests, ultrasound therapy, spinal fluid tap and many more valuable topics.

eHealthcare Strategies & Trends - internet strategies for healthcare

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends offers in-depth articles on how a wide range of organizations are taking advantage of the Web and new technology to increase customer satisfaction, improve patient care, boost service revenues, and lower costs.

Strategic Health Care Marketing - marketing strategies & plans

Strategic Health Care Marketing focuses on news, analysis, and interpretation of events shaking the ever-changing health care services marketplace.

Nursing Research - more depth, more detail, more of what today's nurses demand

Each issue highlights the latest research techniques, quantitative and qualitative studies, and new state-of-the-art methodological strategies, including information not yet found in textbooks. Expert commentaries and briefs are also included. In addition to 6 issues per year, Nursing Research from time to time publishes supplemental content not found anywhere else.

HIPAA Tool Kit - Ingenix, updateable, always current

Designed to educate providers, physicians and clinics on HIPAA rules and regulations, HIPAA Tool Kit is an ideal resource for performing ongoing compliance assessments or creating a new compliance program.

PACS & Imaging Informatics: Principles & Applications, 2e - 2010

PACS and Imaging Informatics uses the framework of imaging informatics to explain PACS, making the text accessible to those without advanced knowledge of physics, engineering, math, or information technology. With the most systematic and thorough coverage of practical applications available, this text is the complete guide for all those involved in designing, implementing, and using PACS.

(The) No-Hassle Guide to HIPAA Policies - HCPro, 2009

The essential guide for developing and updating HIPAA privacy and security policies

Health Information Systems: Architectures & Strategies, 2e - 2010

Illustrating the importance of hospital information management in delivering high quality health care at the lowest possible cost, this book provides the essential resources needed by the medical informatics specialist to understand and successfully manage the complex nature of hospital information systems.

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