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American Journal of Nursing / AJN - award-winning, peer-reviewed, monthly journal

Published monthly, AJN is the official journal of the American Nurses Association and as such, harbors a high level of prestige not only among nurses, but medical professionals from all trades. Features are usually reserved for in-depth research studies or new nursing procedures.

Technical & Financial Guide to EHR Implementation - AMA, 2007

This manual and CD-ROM resource set is a must-have working guidebook designed to provide step-by-step technical guidance for the physician practice that has made the decision to move from paper based records to electronic health records.

Maternal Child Nursing / MCN - perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, & pediatric specialties

MCN's mission is to provide timely information to nurses practicing in perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, and pediatric specialties. A journal that meets its mission by publishing clinically relevant practice and research manuscripts aimed at assisting nurses toward evidence-based practice.

New York Times - daily newspaper with business news

Electronic Medical Records: A Practical Guide for Primary Care - 2010

The book discusses how to effectively choose an EMR system, and covers all of the vital pre-implementation and implementation issues in establishing an EMR system in the primary care environment.

Hospitals & Health Networks - from American Hospital Association

H&HN is the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association and the most trusted and credible management publication in the field.

Healthcare Knowledge Management: Issues, Advances & Successes - 2010

This book is intended for practicing professionals and students in medical informatics, hospital administration, and Knowledge Management.

Policies & Procedures: A Health Information Manager's Toolkit - HIMSS, 2011

HIMSS frames and leads healthcare practices and public policy through its content expertise, professional development, and research initiatives designed to promote information and management systems’ contributions to improving the quality, safety, access, and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

Developments in Healthcare Information Systems & Technologies: Models & Methods - 2010

Developments in Healthcare Information Systems and Technologies: Models and Methods presents the latest research in healthcare information systems design, development, and deployment, benefiting researchers, practitioners, and students. Contributions investigate topics such as clinical education, electronic medical records, clinical decision support systems, and IT adoption in healthcare.

Health Information Systems: Architectures & Strategies, 2e - 2010

Illustrating the importance of hospital information management in delivering high quality health care at the lowest possible cost, this book provides the essential resources needed by the medical informatics specialist to understand and successfully manage the complex nature of hospital information systems.

Information Technology Essentials for Behavioral Health Clinicians - 2011

The purpose of this book is to be the premier resource for behavioral health clinicians who are considering adopting technology into their practice.

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles & Practice, 3e - AHIMA, 2010

This edition has been expanded and updated to include information on emerging issues such as electronic health records, information management, hybrid records, HIM standards development, personal health records, legality of heath records, clinical classifications and terminologies, clinical quality management, ethics, and biomedical and research support.

HIPAA: A Guide to Healthcare Privacy & Security Law - always current!

This up-to-date and current manual provides you with comprehensive analysis of the regulations and practical compliance strategies.

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, online version

Subscribe to JAMA for the latest peer-reviewed information on a broad range of issues

Pulmonology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, reimbursement, coding, compliance

Pulmonary Coding Alert provides you and your staff with expert advice and strategies for your most vexing pulmonology-specific coding questions, including topics such as, right and left heart catheters, EEG monitoring, polysomnography, artery x-rays, thoracoscopy, and much more.

Successfully Choosing Your EMR: 15 Crucial Decisions - 2010

This book clarifies the crucial decisions that result in successful EMR adoption and avoidance of expensive EMR mistakes. It provides timely insight in leveraging ARRA/HiTech, Meaningful Use, Stark Safe Harbor, CPOE and PQRI incentives and understanding current HITSP, HL7, ASTM, ELINCS and other interoperability standards.

Pharmacy Informatics - 2010

Written by educators and professionals at the forefront in this field, the book shows how informatics plays a central role in providing productive and efficient healthcare services.

MEDLINE - published med info, by National Library of Medicine

Read about the latest medical advances in NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine.

EMR Field Guide for Gastroenterology: Selecting & Implementing Electronic Medical Records - 2009

In this guide is the information you need to know about the essential clinical and functional elements of EMR systems that will meet the specialized needs of a gastroenterology practice.

Information Systems & Software - technology, medical records, telehealth

This Guide provides information, links and books regarding information systems, software, health information management and electronic record-keeping in health and medical settings.

Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals, 5e - 2009

The only computer and information literacy book designed specifically for students in health care disciplines

Modern Healthcare - the only health care business news weekly

Modern Healthcare, the only health care business news weekly, provides hospital executives with reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive healthcare news.

Nursing Informatics: Where Technology and Caring Meet, 4e - 2010

This edition of Nursing Informatics serves as a definitive guide to the transformation now underway, drawing insight and energy from the initiative known as Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER).

Fundamentals of Law for Health Informatics & Health Information Management - AHIMA, 2009

This is the only legal book structured specifically for HIM classroom use, facilitating educator and student mastery of basic legal concepts relating to HIM. Authored by well-known experts in law, education, and HIM practice, this roadmap also offers guidance for HIM professionals and healthcare practitioners to understand the legal issues of health records

Family Practice Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert compliance & coding advice

This 8-page monthly resource is specifically designed to help your family practice solve its unique coding challenges

Long-Term Care Report - issues shaping the long-term industry

Eli’s Long-Term Care Report is the publication of record for the long-term care industry. From the largest national chains to the smallest mom-and-pops, long-term care executives and professionals depend on the timely, in-depth, plain-English analysis of Medicare reimbursement laws and business trends available only in the Long-Term Care Report.

Internal Medicine Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert compliance & reimbursement advice

This nitty-gritty coding resource (8 pages monthly) will help you accurately code for E/M services, electrocardiograms, ESRD, antigen services, chest x-rays and other services. Start ethically optimizing your rightful reimbursement today. Compliance field tips and tools are also provided in the newsletter.

New England Journal of Medicine - medical research papers primarily

Stedman's Medical / Pharmaceutical Spellchecker, Plus Version - software

Two different editions are available

Electronic Health Records: Transforming Your Medical Practice, 2e - MGMA, 2010

Here’s a practical guide EHR for everyone in the medical practice setting so they can make the implementation process efficient and correct. You’ll get complete information all the critical areas of successful EHR implementation

Journal of Nursing Administration / JONA - geared to top-level nurse executives

Practical, solution-oriented articles give the nurse executive the tools to excel in our changing health care system

Compensation & Salary Surveys - up-to-date salary surveys

This Guide provides a wealth of information regarding salary and compensation in the healthcare and medical fields.

Consumer Health Informatics: Informing Consumers & Improving Health Care - 2010

This comprehensive volume is an indispensable tool for practicing professionals, IT leaders, and students as it details the broad scope of consumer health informatics and its impact on today's progressive and ever-changing world of health care

Public Health Informatics & Information Systems - 2010

This book covers all aspects of public health informatics and discusses the creation and management of an information technology infrastructure that is essential in linking state and local organizations in their efforts to gather data for the surveillance and prevention.

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases & Practical Applications, 3e - 2009

This book covers all the fundamental concepts of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), provides relevant and current HMIS cases throughout, and touches on emerging technologies.

Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare - 2010

This book addresses the priorities within informatics and presents a complete and thorough survey of the most promising e-health technologies. This is illustrated with the inclusion of case reports identifying real applications of the techniques, with the focus on providing an integrated overview of e-health, and the medical, sociological and technical aspects.

Executive & Health Administration - for healthcare managers

This Guide provides a wealth of information regarding salary and compensation in the healthcare and medical fields.

Healthcare Information Management Systems: Cases, Strategies, Solutions, 3e - 2010

On its third edition, this has been a very popular and well-respected book for the field of medical informatics. This new edition looks beyond traditional information systems to show how healthcare facilities can gain competitive advantages.

Managed Care Report - regulatory updates, business strategies, litigation, etc.

Managed Care Report is a hard-hitting package that will set you on the course to a more profitable future in managed care for less than a third of the cost of competing publications.

Professional Associations - health & medical societies & organizations

This comprehensive, alphabetical Guide offers links to hundreds of healthcare societies, academies, professionals organizations and associations.

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