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Hospitals & Health Networks / H&HN - from American Hospital Association

Hospitals & Health Networks delivers short, high-impact reporting and analysis on trends and issues that interest health care executives and emerging leaders. H&HN covers the trends that drive strategic decision-making in health care provider and payer institutions across the country.

Stedman's Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols - newest version

This edition encompasses over 75,000 medical terms that help users comply with the new JCAHO mandate for standardized hospital abbreviations. Also includes thousands of new abbreviations for specialties such as anatomy, physiology, internal medicine, pathology, laboratory medicine, organisms, infectious diseases, plastic surgery, ENT, dentistry, alternative medicine, and endocrinology.

American Journal of Managed Care / AJMC - clinical, economic, policy, finance & delivery

The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) is an independent, peer-reviewed forum for the dissemination of research relating to clinical, economic, and policy aspects of financing and delivering healthcare. The Journal's mission is to publish original research relevant to clinical decision makers and policy makers as they work to promote the efficient delivery of high quality care.

Digital Communication in Medical Practice - 2009

Digital Communications into Your Medical Practice discusses how electronic medical records and personal health records now digitize patient information and make it accessible for review and easy to update by both doctors and patients.

Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals, 5e - 2009

The only computer and information literacy book designed specifically for students in health care disciplines

Intelligent Paradigms in Healthcare Enterprises - 2009

This book is an overview of intelligent paradigms and strategic investments that might pay off for the healthcare enterprise.

Introduction to Nursing Informatics, 3e - 2010

This book is a primer for those new to nursing informatics. It provides a thorough introduction to basic terms and concepts, as well as an in-depth exploration of the most prevalent applications in nursing practice, education, administration, and research.

Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics, 2e - 2010

Designed as a guide for both the informatics novice and the seasoned professional seeking a comprehensive resource, this book explores information systems evaluation from the ground up.

Medisoft Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Approach, 2e - 2010

MediSoft Made Easy is a step-by-step student manual for using this popular medical office management software. Extremely user-friendly and updated in an all new edition, this resource introduces readers to medical informatics from the perspective of the novice user.

Medical Marketing & Media / MM&M - articles on marketing & promotion

Professional journal to and for the pharmaceutical and medical marketing industry, providing intra-industry communication and an information link with other industries and government.

Essentials of Health Information Management, 2e - 2010

This is the ideal book for first-semester students but can also be a useful resource for various health care organizations and medical offices. This is a comprehensive book that presents readers with both theoretical and practical applications of health information management.

(The) HIPAA & HITECH Toolkit: A Business Associate & Covered Entity Guide to Privacy & Security - HCPro, 2009

The HIPAA and HITECH Toolkit is a valuable resource that helps both CEs and BAs understand and meet the HITECH Act’s expanded HIPAA Privacy and Security rules and ensure compliance. It walks you through the HIPAA changes and their impact on your organization.

(The) HIM Director's Handbook, 2e - HCPro, 2010

The HIM Director’s Handbook is a comprehensive resource that gives HIM professionals - both veteran managers and those moving into a management role - the practical, hands-on guidance they need to succeed and balance the department’s daily activities.

Medical Informatics: Knowledge Management & Data Mining in Biomedicine - 2010

This book covers the basic foundations of the area while extending the foundational material to include the recent leading-edge research in the field. The newer concepts, techniques, and practices of biomedical knowledge management and data mining are introduced and examined in detail.

Technology & the Future of Health Care: Preparing for the Next 30 Years - 2001

Technology and the Future of Health Care brings together a remarkable group of health care visionaries who have identified and begun to analyze which trends and technological advances will likely shape and inform the next generation of medicine.

Critical Care Nurse - cardiac care, pharmacology, nutrition, pulmonary care, neurology

The mission of the journal Critical Care Nurse is to provide critical care and acute care nurses with accurate, relevant, and useful information concerning the bedside care of critically and acutely ill patients and to keep critical and acute care nurses informed on issues that affect their practice.

HIPAA Compliance Handbook - 2010

The HIPAA Compliance Handbook is intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers, risk managers and others who have the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Administrative rules.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Coding Alert - monthly coding guidance for PT, OT, rehab

Outpatient Physical Therapy Coding Alert is the only publication available dedicated to helping rehab providers and therapy professionals master outpatient rehab coding.

Health Facilities Management - from AHA, ASHE & ASHES, facility management

Health Facilities Management is the only magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of the challenges facing health care facility management. The editorial covers topics on day-to-day facility operations

Part B Insider - Coding Institute, news, analysis, Medicare Part B, regulation, reimbursement

This important publication is sent to you 44 times annually. It includes news and analyses regarding Medicare Part B reimbursement and regulations, critical to your coding,

Managing Health Care Information Systems: for Health Care Executives, 2e - 2009

Health Care Information Systems is a primary text on the effective use of data and information technology to improve organizational performance in health care settings.

Medical Professionalism in the New Information Age - 2010

These essays explore how Health Information Technology (HIT) may alter relationships between physicians and patients, physicians and other providers, and physicians and their home institutions.

Health Reform - health care reform, policy, law, ethics

This Guide provides information, links and books for health care professionals preparing for health care reform.

h-mail: HIPAA & HITECH Privacy & Security Training Reminders for Healthcare Staff, 4e - HCPro, 2010

This CD-ROM resource contains 52 new and unique messages—an entire year's worth of valuable educational reminders—that you send via e-mail to your facility's workforce.

American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing / MCN - perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, & pediatric specialties

MCN's mission is to provide timely information to nurses practicing in perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, and pediatric specialties. A journal that meets its mission by publishing clinically relevant practice and research manuscripts aimed at assisting nurses toward evidence-based practice.

Gastroenterology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert coding & compliance tools

Find out the latest coding advice specific to gastroenterology. You'll receive proven tactics to ethically optimize your endoscopic billing, in-office and inpatient visits, colonoscopy claims and much more.

MEDLINE - published med info, by National Library of Medicine

Read about the latest medical advances in NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine.

Technology-Based Health Promotion - 2010

This is the first textbook of its kind to offer students an introduction to best practices for using technology in health promotion programs. Integrating detailed case studies and interactive skill-building exercises throughout, this succinct and practical text teaches students to identify the most appropriate technology to meet their goals.

(The) Privacy Officer's Handbook, 2e - HCPro, 2009

The Privacy Officer’s Handbook is your go-to reference for quick, easy-to-understand solutions that will help you address complex privacy concerns.

Healthcare Marketing Report - HMR Publications Group

Healthcare Marketing Report covers the latest news on winning market strategies, concepts and trends in the healthcare industry. Its coverage stretches coast to coast and reaches these subscribers:

OB-GYN Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert coding advice

Discover how you can avoid miscoding and denied reimbursement for outpatient office visits and procedures such as an echo exam of pelvis, biopsy of uterus lining, CA screen, pelvic/breast exam and many more in this monthly newsletter.

e-Prescribing: The Electronic Transformation of Medicine - 2009

e-Prescribing: The Electronic Transformation of Medicine will help health professionals adapt to and prepare for changes in electronic medical records and health information technology.

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases & Practical Applications, 3e - 2009

This book covers all the fundamental concepts of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), provides relevant and current HMIS cases throughout, and touches on emerging technologies.

Urology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, reimbursement & compliance tips

This monthly newsletter offers you the latest information and approaches to optimizing your radiology reimbursement. It covers detailed and up-to-date coding recommendations for your unique procedures. Compliance field tips and tools are also discussed in the newsletter.

Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource, 4e - 2011

This book has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the vast technological changes in the field. This text focuses on health data, its collection and use.

Nurse Educator - peer-reviewed, developments, innovations in nursing education

Nurse Educator is the respected, peer-reviewed, resource that nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education.

Hospital Associations - hospital associations, by state & metro areas

This Guide provides a listing of all state hospital associations.

RHIA Exam Preparation - AHIMA, see above

The exam experience is effectively simulated with nearly 1,000 multiple choice questions, including three complete practice exams based on the RHIA competency statements.

Nursing - comprehensive range of nursing topics

Nursing is an award-winning how-to journal created to provide practical, hands-on information to nurses. Readers say the journal is their first choice for quick-read updates on the most comprehensive range of nursing topics

Information Security Management Handbook - 2011

The Information Security Management Handbook has served not only as an everyday reference for information security practitioners but also as an important document for conducting the intense review necessary to prepare for the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) examination.

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