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Stedman's Medical Dictionary - CD-ROM & book formats

Four different editions are available, the Electronic Versions, the Hardcover Editions, and the PDA Version.

(The) Use of Technology in Mental Health: Applications, Ethics & Practice

Discusses The Use of Technology in Mental Health: Applications, Ethics and Practice

Gastroenterology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert coding & compliance tools

Find out the latest coding advice specific to gastroenterology. You'll receive proven tactics to ethically optimize your endoscopic billing, in-office and inpatient visits, colonoscopy claims and much more.

Hospitals & Health Networks - from American Hospital Association

H&HN is the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association and the most trusted and credible management publication in the field.

Companies & Hospitals - healthcare companies, hospitals & HMOs

This Guide provides links to health care companies on the internet.

Otolaryngology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, coding & compliance

This monthly newsletter is the perfect aid to cut through the coding confusion in the challenging specialty of ENT. You'll optimize your pay-up when coding for procedures such as allergy skin tests, tympanometry, ear microscopy examination, nasal endoscopy and much more.

Managing Health Care Information Systems: for Health Care Executives, 2e - 2009

Health Care Information Systems is a primary text on the effective use of data and information technology to improve organizational performance in health care settings.

Evaluating the Organizational Impact of Health Care Information Systems, 3e - 2010

This timely book provides a practical guide for determining the appropriate questions to ask and what evaluation methods to use. Appendices contain survey instruments usable in research and evaluation, computer programs for data analyses, and other evaluation resources.

Optometry Coding & Billing Alert - Coding Institute, compliance & reimbursement

It is richly packed with optometry-specific coding billing & HIPAA compliance information.

Stedman's Medical / Pharmaceutical Spellchecker, Plus Version - software

Two different editions are available

Pulmonology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, reimbursement, coding, compliance

Pulmonary Coding Alert provides you and your staff with expert advice and strategies for your most vexing pulmonology-specific coding questions, including topics such as, right and left heart catheters, EEG monitoring, polysomnography, artery x-rays, thoracoscopy, and much more.

Social Media in Healthcare: Connect, Communicate & Collaborate - ACHE, 2010

This new book provides an overview of the social media tools healthcare organizations are using to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their patients, physicians, staff, vendors, media, and the community at large. It describes the major social media applications and reviews their benefits, uses, limitations, risks, and costs.

Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics, 2e - 2010

Designed as a guide for both the informatics novice and the seasoned professional seeking a comprehensive resource, this book explores information systems evaluation from the ground up.

Nurse Week - magazine for nurses

Long-Term Care Report - issues shaping the long-term industry

Eli’s Long-Term Care Report is the publication of record for the long-term care industry. From the largest national chains to the smallest mom-and-pops, long-term care executives and professionals depend on the timely, in-depth, plain-English analysis of Medicare reimbursement laws and business trends available only in the Long-Term Care Report.

Trustee - for governing boards of health care systems & hospitals

Trustee provides health care system and hospital governing boards with the information they need to provide leadership and strategic direction that improves community health and contributes to the financial stability of their institutions.

Radiology Coding Alert - Coding Institute, reimbursement & compliance

This monthly newsletter offers you the latest information and approaches to optimizing your radiology reimbursement. It covers detailed and up-to-date coding recommendations for procedures such as echo exam of abdomen, bone imaging, CAT scan of head or brain and much more.

Professional Associations - health & medical societies & organizations

This comprehensive, alphabetical Guide offers links to hundreds of healthcare societies, academies, professionals organizations and associations.

Nursing Management - success strategies for health care managers & leaders

A monthly journal, Nursing Management: The Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership, provides strategic professional information and services that nurses need to excel as health care managers and leaders.

Telemedicine Technologies: Information Technologies in Medicine & Telehealth - 2011

In this book, the authors focus on how medical information can be reliably transmitted through wireless communication networks. It explains how they can be optimized to carry medical information in various situations by utilizing readily available traditional wireless local area network (WLAN) and broadband wireless access (BWA) systems.

Healthcare Knowledge Management: Issues, Advances & Successes - 2010

This book is intended for practicing professionals and students in medical informatics, hospital administration, and Knowledge Management.

Group Practice Journal - AMGA, American Medical Group Association

The Group Practice Journal offers dynamic business solutions to physician leaders and administrators, addressing the vital business information needs of the medical group industry with practical, timely articles.

Electronic Health Records: Understanding & Using Computerized Medical Records, 2e - 2011

This edition is the complete “learn by doing” text for everyone who must use an electronic health records system, including doctors, nurses, medical assistants, physician assistants, and other medical office staff. It provides a thorough understanding of EHR tasks and functional benefits that is continuously reinforced by actual EHR experiences.

PACS & Digital Medicine: Essential Principles & Modern Practice - 2010

PACS and Digital Medicine: Essential Principles and Modern Practice discusses the essential principles of PACS, EHR, and related technological advancements as well as practical issues concerning the implementation, operation, and maintenance of PACS and EHR systems.

Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office: Fundamentals & Practice, 2e - 2010

Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office appeals to those needing a reference to electronic patient records, software and technology. This book provides instruction regarding basic hands-on computer skills for medical office work.

Maternal Child Nursing / MCN - perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, & pediatric specialties

MCN's mission is to provide timely information to nurses practicing in perinatal, neonatal, midwifery, and pediatric specialties. A journal that meets its mission by publishing clinically relevant practice and research manuscripts aimed at assisting nurses toward evidence-based practice.

(The) HIM Director's Handbook, 2e - HCPro, 2010

The HIM Director’s Handbook is a comprehensive resource that gives HIM professionals - both veteran managers and those moving into a management role - the practical, hands-on guidance they need to succeed and balance the department’s daily activities.

Introduction to Nursing Informatics, 3e - 2010

This book is a primer for those new to nursing informatics. It provides a thorough introduction to basic terms and concepts, as well as an in-depth exploration of the most prevalent applications in nursing practice, education, administration, and research.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Healthcare IT - 2011

The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to Cloud-based healthcare IT system and equip healthcare providers with the background necessary to evaluate and deploy Cloud-based solutions.

Nursing Research - more depth, more detail, more of what today's nurses demand

Each issue highlights the latest research techniques, quantitative and qualitative studies, and new state-of-the-art methodological strategies, including information not yet found in textbooks. Expert commentaries and briefs are also included. In addition to 6 issues per year, Nursing Research from time to time publishes supplemental content not found anywhere else.

Essentials of Health Information Management, 2e - 2010

This is the ideal book for first-semester students but can also be a useful resource for various health care organizations and medical offices. This is a comprehensive book that presents readers with both theoretical and practical applications of health information management.

Connected for Health: Using Electronic Health Records to Transform Care Delivery - 2010

Connected for Health shares what Kaiser Permanente has learned so far in tapping the vast potential of electronic health records to improve care and expand the frontiers of medical research.

Compensation & Salary Surveys - up-to-date salary surveys

This Guide provides a wealth of information regarding salary and compensation in the healthcare and medical fields.

Clinical Examples in Radiology - guide to CPT coding & billing, AMA

A quarterly newsletter, Clinical Examples in Radiology, provides expert advice and guidance of especially high value to the day-to-day needs of the radiology coding professionals.

Nurse Educator - peer-reviewed, developments, innovations in nursing education

Nurse Educator is the respected, peer-reviewed, resource that nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education.

CPT Changes - companion to CPT Assistant

This softbound book is published annually by the AMA CPT staff. It serves as a reference tool for understanding each of the CPT code changes in the recent year. With your purchase, you will receive the most current edition of CPT Changes.

Orthopedic Coding Alert - Coding Institute, tools to optimize reimbursement

It is full of expert and up-to-date advice that is detailed, understandable and immediately useable. It help your office to ethically optimize your claims reimbursement and cut down on delays and denials.

Part B Insider - Coding Institute, news, analysis, Medicare Part B, regulation, reimbursement

This important publication is sent to you 44 times annually. It includes news and analyses regarding Medicare Part B reimbursement and regulations, critical to your coding,

Neurosurgery Coding Alert - Coding Institute, expert coding techniques

This is a practical monthly advisor for ethically optimizing coding, reimbursement and efficiency for neurosurgery practices

MEDLINE - published med info, by National Library of Medicine

Read about the latest medical advances in NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine.

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