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Find-A-Code is a comprehensive online medical coding and billing resource library. Our instant-access research tools and libraries include extensive information for all medical code sets (ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC, and more) along with a wealth of supplemental information in the form of newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinics, CPT Assistant, DH Newsletters, Medicare Manuals). All information is indexed, searchable and organized for quick access with extensive cross-referencing. is helps coders and billers avoid denials, save time, and quickly locate answers to medical coding and billing questions. The Find-A-Code data system is continuously updated with current information. Find-A-Code's pricing model allows organizations to choose the specific resources needed on a per-coder/biller basis, saving thousands of dollars vs. traditional package pricing. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn how Find-A-Code can enhance the productivity of your coders, billers, claims managers, denial management and auditing departments.


Since 1995, Axolotl has been providing advanced Clinical Networking™ solutions to meet the diverse and changing needs of physicians, hospitals, RHIOs and statewide HIEs to achieve interoperability across entire medical trading areas. Axolotl is part of Ingenix, a leading health information technology and services company.

MEDELECT Appointment Reminder System

Appointment reminder via email, text or telephone. Embed this communication tool into any EMR/EHR system.


ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: * Request, confirm or reschedule appointments * Enter or update demographic information and medical history * View parts of their Personal Health Record (PHR) * Communicate with your practice securely and in confidence through our proprietary messaging system To learn more, visit:


ALERT is a solution that allows the communication between the patients of a given facility and that specific facility (e.g. hospital). Main functions: Access the portal, change personal information, enter self measured personal information, ask questions to physicians, schedule appointments, fill in forms, access their own electronic record content.

Medelect Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminder via email, text or telephone


Psychiatric and behavioral health electronic health record. The eRecord is a fully automated, web-based behavioral EHR and practice management system for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors. The eRecord is online and available 24/7 from anywhere. Unlike other EHRs, it is fully integrated: clinical record keeping, claims, and patient accounting are seamlessly integrated. Claims, patient accounting, electronic remittance are automated. Redundant data entry is eliminated. Clients can access the eRecord via a Patient portal where they can set up their own accounts and fill out required forms. The eRecord enables a practice to go completely paperless as paper documents can be scanned to the eRecord and maintained securely.

revenueXL patient portal

RevenueXL Inc. assists medical practices in the assessment, selection and implementation of perfectly matched medical software including EMR Software, Patient Portal, and Practice Management or Medical Billing software.

Innovative Wrokflow Technologies

Innovative Workflow Technologies (IWT) develops technology that collects and integrates data in order to provide our clients with software solutions that improve communication, efficiency, and patient safety. Our products interface with software from different vendors to consolidate information and generate powerful new functionality. IWT has the expertise to move information between all systems, even proprietary ones. We combine traditional programming methods with cutting edge web technologies to roll disparate systems into unified solutions.

Self-Pay Billing Statements

Print and Mail / EBP&P

MedGrail - Health Management system

MedGrail is designed as a next generation health management system. It is founded on a belief that while the science of medicine made a large progress in its ability to heal disease, our ability to manage and prevent disease is still limited. The MedGrail represents a combination of multiple aspects of health care delivery with ability of healthcare participants to share and use information for improvement of health.

Microsoft Health Portals

Your health portal can be tailored to the specific needs and roles of your particular users. This gives the right people instant access to relevant applications, content, and services that facilitate collaboration and enhance community

Multi-Tech FaxFinder

Multi-Tech's FaxFinder is a turnkey Hardware Fax Appliance that can move your practice into the paperless future.

iPlexus Patient Portal Products

i-Plexus is a modern technology enabled health care receivable management company that was formed in 2003 to fill the void that is being created by outdated clearinghouses, claim editing products and billing services. i-Plexus' mission is to pioneer feature and service rich transaction and receivables management solutions to the healthcare industry. i-Plexus' goal is to leverage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards and leading technology to complement practice management and hospital billing solutions and allow provider organizations to cost-effectively automate business office functions.

Symphony Corp Patient Portal Products

See website

MatchMetrix Provider Registry

The MatchMetrix Provider Registry creates a comprehensive and trusted master registry of all information about Providers and the services they are authorized to deliver. The registry maintains core demographic information, including license and credential status, relationships between entities and roles, and multiple work locations. From this single index, health professionals can quickly access contact information through a web browser, and IT applications can exchange data through an interface.

Fusion EHR

Free, web-based Electronic Health Record for physicians. Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EHR community in the country with over 80,000 users serving 10 million patients

IT Thin Client Kiosk

IT15TC and IT17TC series can support VIA/Intel Atom based standard Mini-ITX form factor integrated motherboard with 15" or 17" color TFT LCD

Levin HER

A fully customizable EHR with integrated Practice Management System which save significant time.


WebView is an easy-to-use tool for secure online viewing of stored patient information, images, and reports for cardiovascular modalities. Users can login from virtually anywhere with a secure username and password to review stored patient studies


Audio, TEXT, Print and WEB based patient appointment reminders and patient information

MD VIP Patient Portal

MDVIP physicians value personal attention and prevention and have chosen to limit their practices to 600 patients in order to deliver personalized medical care focused on prevention and wellness, backed by early detection and state - of - the - art treatment and condition management.

Sajix Patient Portal Products

Sajix offers next generation healthcare platform (iHelix), which can be configured to single doctor practitioner to large hospital.Sajix's goal is to become the industry's enterprise healthcare cloud computing company to offer the best healthcare solution at lower cost.Sajix offers both on demand and in premises software business model to cater to the customer business need.

Phonetree Healthwave Messaging

Our hosted solution is for practices who do not desire any in-office hardware, and it offers price points based on call volume. Our hosted service is the smart choice for any practice requiring flexibility and looking for a pay-per-call plan.Our hardware solution is for offices who do prefer in-office hardware and would like unlimited calling at a one-time investment price.

Exscribe Inc Patient Portal Products

Exscribe products and services are designed to assist Orthopaedic practices in increasing revenues, protecting their practices, and helping them improve quality of life for their physicians.

Healthcare Anytime On-line pre registration

HealthCare Anytime's Pre-Registration is deployed in our Patient Portal and is easily customized to each facility.

Phonetree Patient Messaging

PhoneTree Patient Messaging helps you remind patients of their obligations and helps fill your open schedule slots.

Mednet Patient and Physician Portal

The Patient Portal and Physician Portal gives the patients and physicians of Surgical Centers secure web access to real-time information.

HIPAAT, Inc Patient Portal Products

We offer standards-based consent management and auditing software that is appropriate for most healthcare environments. Our technology allows consumers to establish their own privacy policies. It enables health information sharers – physicians, hospitals, EHRs, health information organizations, payers, pharmacies, government – to implement, enforce and audit patient, organizational and jurisdictional privacy policies.


MedicsPremier has been designed for the ultimate productivity in medical office and revenue cycle management company environments. This page details the most important practice management and medical billing software features and functions available with MedicsPremier, truly The Ultimate in Practice Management and Medical Billing Software. Embed this tool in your EMR for premier PM tools.

IT Writer CPU Kit with 1D Barcode Scanner

Small (less than 1 inch thick), lightweight (3.3 lbs) and a superior runtime provide unparalleled mobility. Access the most important and most frequent programs and functionalities immediately with the one-touch control panel and scroll wheel

IGI Health Inc Patient Portal products

IGI leads in developing health care IT solutions focused on connecting trading partners, a critical part of emerging initiatives, such as Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Personal Health Records (PHR). ORBIT® software provides the foundation for custom and packaged portal solutions, such as the ORBIT® Payer-Provider Portal, that allow health care providers, payers, pharmacies, labs, application vendors and financial institutions to reduce administrative costs, improve financial transparency, and enhance healthcare information exchange.


IQHealth™ uses Web-based technology to enable a greater level of interaction between patients and the healthcare organizations that care for them. It automates paper-based processes for providers, and lets patients proactively manage their care through greater communication with the care team.

Report Distribution

The Healthx Platform offers automated Report Distribution, a process that allows you to easily and securely distribute a wide variety of monthly reports, invoices and other content in virtually any format you desire. Reports from your claims or other systems are stored in a holding directory, and then transmitted via a secure, automated FTP connection, thus protecting PHI in a HIPAA compliant manner. The reports and information are then viewed by only the individuals you have authorized to view them.


Healthx DIMeS allows you to automatically link specific documents, web links and services to individual users or groups of users, presented where and when you know they'll need it. By tying a series of documents to information associated with a user, we can make sure that each person has access to the documents and links that are assigned to them;

Smart Source Self Pay Billing Statements

Print and Mail Billing Statement Tool

Scripture EMR

ScriptSure EMR (electronic medical record) gives you the ability to create e-prescriptions, patient and chart notes, referrals, lab tests orders and consultant referrals. Combined with document imaging, ScriptSure can make one's office near paperless

Care Converge Patient Portal

The Care Converge Patient Portal solution is a completely integrated solution that bring all the different individuals: the patients, the physicians, the staff members and referring physicians, onto one centralized secure web based system


gCardio offers an easy to use, turn-key solution for Cardiology practices that integrates medical visits, procedures and billing in a single system with limited, inexpensive customization. With gCardio, offices can become more efficient and paperless sooner, leading to a higher return on investment.

LSS Patient Portal

The LSS Patient Portal provides patients with an intuitive, secure, web-based method of access to portions of their medical records through your organization's web site. The portal design accommodates access to health record information, a mechanism for secure communications between patients and their care providers, and options for making credit card or PayPal™ payments with online bill pay features.

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