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Find-A-Code is a comprehensive online medical coding and billing resource library. Our instant-access research tools and libraries include extensive information for all medical code sets (ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC, and more) along with a wealth of supplemental information in the form of newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinics, CPT Assistant, DH Newsletters, Medicare Manuals). All information is indexed, searchable and organized for quick access with extensive cross-referencing. is helps coders and billers avoid denials, save time, and quickly locate answers to medical coding and billing questions. The Find-A-Code data system is continuously updated with current information. Find-A-Code's pricing model allows organizations to choose the specific resources needed on a per-coder/biller basis, saving thousands of dollars vs. traditional package pricing. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn how Find-A-Code can enhance the productivity of your coders, billers, claims managers, denial management and auditing departments.


Since 1995, Axolotl has been providing advanced Clinical Networking™ solutions to meet the diverse and changing needs of physicians, hospitals, RHIOs and statewide HIEs to achieve interoperability across entire medical trading areas. Axolotl is part of Ingenix, a leading health information technology and services company.


ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: * Request, confirm or reschedule appointments * Enter or update demographic information and medical history * View parts of their Personal Health Record (PHR) * Communicate with your practice securely and in confidence through our proprietary messaging system To learn more, visit:


ALERT is a solution that allows the communication between the patients of a given facility and that specific facility (e.g. hospital). Main functions: Access the portal, change personal information, enter self measured personal information, ask questions to physicians, schedule appointments, fill in forms, access their own electronic record content.

MEDELECT Appointment Reminder System

Appointment reminder via email, text or telephone. Embed this communication tool into any EMR/EHR system.

Skylight Interactive Patient Systems

Skylight® Healthcare Systems is the industry pioneer and fasting growing company in the Interactive Patient Care market.

Updox Patient Portal

Updox provides secure patient portals to allow doctors to communicate and share information with their patients and also create online forms to be completed prior to office visits.

Orion Clinical Portal

Clinical Portal is a single sign-on physician portal that connects multiple hospital information systems, to provide a secure 'single patient view' of data across all clinical applications. Clinical Portal provides a secure and consistent graphical environment that supports the ways that physicians interact with data and eliminates the need for physicians to sign-on multiple times to separate applications to view patient records

Report Distribution

The Healthx Platform offers automated Report Distribution, a process that allows you to easily and securely distribute a wide variety of monthly reports, invoices and other content in virtually any format you desire. Reports from your claims or other systems are stored in a holding directory, and then transmitted via a secure, automated FTP connection, thus protecting PHI in a HIPAA compliant manner. The reports and information are then viewed by only the individuals you have authorized to view them.

Geonetric Patient Portals

Geonetric's Patient Portal helps you control more of the experience and extend your relationship beyond your facility. Most importantly, the patient portal improves outcomes — both for your hospital and your patients.


RevPay is your one-stop shop for patient-pay billing and collection services and solutions- all delivered to you via HIPAA-compliant web portal. No IT integration required. No hardware or software to buy or upgrade. Ever.

MedGrail - Health Management system

The MedGrail represents a combination of multiple aspects of health care delivery with ability of healthcare participants to share and use information for improvement of health.

HCS EMR Enterprise Patient Portal

Patient Portal to Healthcare Industry = Online Stock Trading to Brokerage Industry Many believe that the Enterprise Patient Portal will be to healthcare what on-line stock trading was to the brokerage industry. In fact, Patient Portal is not just a new way to interact with consumers, but a whole new model of business that brings new efficiencies to healthcare organizations, physicians, payers, and providers. Patients want their healthcare providers to offer them the same high level of service they get from their banks, bookstores, and brokerage houses. HCS EMR Patient Portal allows doctors' offices to offer their patients convenience and high level of service anywhere anytime - at their homes and while they wait in the waiting room.

HealthX: Branding

Healthx provides front-end Branding tools for your web sites that allow for full customization.


Interoperability engine allows seamless data exchange between your practice, other practices and the entire healthcare and stakeholder community. Supported transactions include patient demographics, patient insurance, charges, lab results, microbiology reports, transcriptions and radiology reports.

Waiting Room Solutions Patient Portal On-line Reg

Patients maintain their own personal health record which they can access from your Practice Website.

Omni MD Patient Portal

OmniMD™ provides multi-functional, user-friendly patient portals for healthcare entities, establishing a professional online presence. The portal can be integrated with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to provide a set of pre-defined functionalities for registered patients.

Televox Services

See website

IT Medical semi Rugged Laptop /Tablet

CTL 8.9in IT Medical PC Atom Netbook , Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz, 1GB DDR2, 60GB HDD, w/ WebCam WLAN, Audio, WinXP Home, Resistive Touch,pen and finger

NaviNet UPIM

NaviNet unifies patient information into a single secure Web site, letting your office manage key patient data and office processes from one access point. NaviNet now integrates even more administrative, clinical and financial applications, delivering one-stop convenience and simplified office workflows to your busy practice.


gUro offers an easy to use, turn-key solution for Urology practices that integrates medical visits, procedures and billing in a single system with limited, inexpensive customization. With gUro, offices can become more efficient and paperless sooner, leading to a higher return on investment.

Medcommons Patient Portal

Doctors and patients can upload and share MRI's, CT's in just a few minutes - eliminate the need for physical transportation of radiology CDs! The CD information is transfered into a secure online MedCommons HealthURL, a standard health record with the full quality DICOM images attached. Absolutely no typing is required, the patient name and other information are read directly from the CD.

MED3OOO Connect Proactive Patient Outreach

MED3OOO Connect Proactive Patient Outreach powered by Phytel is provided on an affordable monthly per provider subscription basis. As an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, clients access the service through a simple and secure Internet interface. There is nothing to buy at the practice level and the impact on the practice IT staff is minimal.

Healthcare Anytime On-line pre registration

HealthCare Anytime's Pre-Registration is deployed in our Patient Portal and is easily customized to each facility.

MRN Tools

MRN Tools - through Check Relay - represents a new generation of web-based products developed using state-of-the-art technology. Check Relay is the lowest cost, most flexible, and most secure way of taking check payments over the telephone and over the Internet. In it's most basic form, Check Relay provides a fully integrated check acceptance and verification solution, designed to allow your company to accept and verify checks at any Internet-enabled computer. Check Relay's verification is real-time and verifies not only against a national database of check offenders, but also against a company's own collection history.

Stress systems (nuclear Imaging services)

From high-throughput stress labs to small offices, NIS delivers highly scalable solutions to meet your unique performance and productivity requirements. Systems with advanced features such as powerful analysis and diagnostic tools help enhance your stress lab productivity.

Medapps Patient Portal

MedApps has developed a complete system, end to end, that integrates cost-effective, easy-to-use, wireless health monitoring devices with a robust set of online health management tools. The MedApps System is designed to address the needs of the expected USD $345 billion wireless medical monitoring market.

Cabinet NG

Cabinet NG has provided document management solutions since 1999. Our product serves as a platform for document management and workflow automation to a wide business spectrum. Cabinet NG products enable companies to manage large volumes of documents, optimize workflow, enforce privacy and improve efficiency while preserving established processes. Headquartered in North Alabama, Cabinet NG offers world-class support and training for all its products. Our products are available through a network of Value-Added Resellers, System Integrators and Application Developers.

MedcomSoft Patient Portal

MedcomSoft has integrated Kryptiq's CareCatalyst and ClinicalMessenger with MedcomSoft Record. MedcomSoft users will now have the ability to provide online patient services through a secure patient portal

911 Medical ID Card

Portable Personal Health Record (PPHR) - Portable Card Form - Add this capability to your EMR or Patient Portal system.


NetPracticeEHRweb™is a complete, web-based patient management tool used by physician practices and hospitals to manage patient care both inside and outside their facilities.

Levin HER

A fully customizable EHR with integrated Practice Management System which save significant time.

SmileDash patient portal

The SmileDash patient portal gives you one more opportunity to build that relationship with your patients by giving them access to your front desk services from any internet connection, even when your office is closed

MC Strategies

Elsevier | MC Strategies provides organizational development, online learning and clinical reference solutions to the healthcare industry.

Context4 Healthcare

Context4 Healthcare, Inc. develops automated solutions including claims scrubbing software (ClaimsEditor®) and coding software (Codelink®) to help solve complex medical claim editing and claim coding challenges. Our UCR and other database products provide a comprehensive source for coding, fee and reimbursement information.


IQHealth™ uses Web-based technology to enable a greater level of interaction between patients and the healthcare organizations that care for them. It automates paper-based processes for providers, and lets patients proactively manage their care through greater communication with the care team.

Smart Source Integrated Patient Communications

Aftercare Excellence - Automated patient discharge information in print and WEB format


WebView is an easy-to-use tool for secure online viewing of stored patient information, images, and reports for cardiovascular modalities. Users can login from virtually anywhere with a secure username and password to review stored patient studies

Jet Insure

JET Insure™ is designed to quickly move new customers through the application process while approving more customers, in less time. The solution provides full-featured workflow management portals for agents, consumers and underwriters, user-friendly business rules engine that allows for instant adjustments and a self-service platform to drive instant communications and performance updates.

prescriptin renewal

HealthCare Anytime's Prescription Renewals are deployed in our Patient Portal. We easily customize the renewal application for each facility.

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