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Find-A-Code is a comprehensive online medical coding and billing resource library. Our instant-access research tools and libraries include extensive information for all medical code sets (ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC, and more) along with a wealth of supplemental information in the form of newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinics, CPT Assistant, DH Newsletters, Medicare Manuals). All information is indexed, searchable and organized for quick access with extensive cross-referencing. is helps coders and billers avoid denials, save time, and quickly locate answers to medical coding and billing questions. The Find-A-Code data system is continuously updated with current information. Find-A-Code's pricing model allows organizations to choose the specific resources needed on a per-coder/biller basis, saving thousands of dollars vs. traditional package pricing. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn how Find-A-Code can enhance the productivity of your coders, billers, claims managers, denial management and auditing departments.


ALERT is a solution that allows the communication between the patients of a given facility and that specific facility (e.g. hospital). Main functions: Access the portal, change personal information, enter self measured personal information, ask questions to physicians, schedule appointments, fill in forms, access their own electronic record content.


ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELHealthNet, is a secure Website** hosted at ABEL Medical Software Inc where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or interact with your office. You retain complete control of the information that a patient can view and modify. ABELHealthNet will save your practice time and money by allowing patients to: * Request, confirm or reschedule appointments * Enter or update demographic information and medical history * View parts of their Personal Health Record (PHR) * Communicate with your practice securely and in confidence through our proprietary messaging system To learn more, visit:


Since 1995, Axolotl has been providing advanced Clinical Networking™ solutions to meet the diverse and changing needs of physicians, hospitals, RHIOs and statewide HIEs to achieve interoperability across entire medical trading areas. Axolotl is part of Ingenix, a leading health information technology and services company.

MEDELECT Appointment Reminder System

Appointment reminder via email, text or telephone. Embed this communication tool into any EMR/EHR system.

Fusion EHR

Free, web-based Electronic Health Record for physicians. Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EHR community in the country with over 80,000 users serving 10 million patients

Content Management

The Healthx content management system and tools give you total control over all the content that is presented in your web portal. As an administrator, you can immediately rewrite, post, or change any and all content presented in your Healthx Portal. It is easy to customize - whether presented on the log in page or after a user signs into their account

EMR Experts, Inc. Patient Portal Products

It is Web-based using Java technology.It is accessible with at the patient's home with just a username and password. IT HASA portion of SOAP note.

Liberty Solutions Inc - Consulting

Liberty is primarily focused on Cerner Millennium®, Allscripts™, Siemens®, Epic®, Eclipsys®, MEDITECH and McKesson applications. Discover how Liberty Solutions, Inc. delivers the best application and clinical transformation solutions through a better understanding of your needs.

CureMD Patient Portal

From scheduling appointments to requesting refills, viewing lab results and more, the patient portal delivers vital care information directly to your patients’ desktop to help you enhance customer satisfaction, eliminate preventable errors as well as open additional care collaboration between you and your patients.


Through ICA’s CareAlign™ system, we ensure all patient data is collected and viewable by all healthcare organizations within a network of care. CareAlign™ is easily adaptable and builds upon each providers current system. It breaks down the silos of information from each organization and delivers the patient information in a comprehensive, longitudinal medical record. In addition, through the use of a dashboard and other workflow tools, healthcare providers can view information in an easy-to-read format that will help them manage trouble areas and utilize real-time information when and where it is needed.


Psychiatric and behavioral health electronic health record. The eRecord is a fully automated, web-based behavioral EHR and practice management system for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors. The eRecord is online and available 24/7 from anywhere. Unlike other EHRs, it is fully integrated: clinical record keeping, claims, and patient accounting are seamlessly integrated. Claims, patient accounting, electronic remittance are automated. Redundant data entry is eliminated. Clients can access the eRecord via a Patient portal where they can set up their own accounts and fill out required forms. The eRecord enables a practice to go completely paperless as paper documents can be scanned to the eRecord and maintained securely.

TSG Integrations Patient Portals

Our specialization spans from life saving medical systems where accuracy and reliability is most essential as in the case of our treatment planning systems to systems providing convenience and possibilities for clinicians as in the case of our workflow systems for interoperability

Healthcare Anytime On-line pre registration

HealthCare Anytime's Pre-Registration is deployed in our Patient Portal and is easily customized to each facility.


Interoperability engine allows seamless data exchange between your practice, other practices and the entire healthcare and stakeholder community. Supported transactions include patient demographics, patient insurance, charges, lab results, microbiology reports, transcriptions and radiology reports.

WFS Web Portal

Allows patients to query their accounts and pay via credit card

Civerex Systems, Inc

Please contact Civerex Systems Inc for information regarding Patient Portal products.

IT Thin Client Kiosk

IT15TC and IT17TC series can support VIA/Intel Atom based standard Mini-ITX form factor integrated motherboard with 15" or 17" color TFT LCD

Micro-Office Patient Communications Gateway

PCG gives medical offices the tools that they need to enhance and improve the relationship between the office and their patients.

Compulink Patient Portal

A uniquely branded website, Compulink’s patient Web portal can be integrated with your current website or hosted by Compulink. Fully integrated with Compulink Advantage, all information collected via the portal is automatically downloaded to Compulink Advantage, where it’s compared to your existing patient database. Your staff then can select which information to update.

EMR Solution Patient Portal Products

Implementing a patient portal along with one's EMR can save both doctor and patient san incredible amount of time. Patient Portal systems are easy to use and offer the patient direct access into their medical record. Not only does this save time but it is also a great service for the patient.

IGI Health Inc Patient Portal products

IGI leads in developing health care IT solutions focused on connecting trading partners, a critical part of emerging initiatives, such as Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Personal Health Records (PHR). ORBIT® software provides the foundation for custom and packaged portal solutions, such as the ORBIT® Payer-Provider Portal, that allow health care providers, payers, pharmacies, labs, application vendors and financial institutions to reduce administrative costs, improve financial transparency, and enhance healthcare information exchange.

Medelect Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminder via email, text or telephone


Patient Self-Service Check-in Kiosk Solution integrated with Hospital HIS Application

Symphony Corp Patient Portal Products

See website

MED3OOO PM ASP Technology - Allscripts Vision

Allscripts Vision™ is built on the concept of a single patient database, providing a patient-centered approach to practice management.

DoctorsPartner Patient Portal

See website

Medical Office On-line

Medical Office Online specializes in Healthcare Information services and has been providing health care providers with unparalleled secure web based access to their medical records for over five years. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with state-of-the-art medical software while permitting them unlimited access, and top notch data security.

Geonetric Patient Portals

Geonetric's Patient Portal helps you control more of the experience and extend your relationship beyond your facility. Most importantly, the patient portal improves outcomes — both for your hospital and your patients.

MD VIP Patient Portal

MDVIP physicians value personal attention and prevention and have chosen to limit their practices to 600 patients in order to deliver personalized medical care focused on prevention and wellness, backed by early detection and state - of - the - art treatment and condition management.

Nightingale Patient Access

Nightingale Patient Access is a secure patient portal which provides the patients a secure web-based access to information and services that they have been looking for. There is no additional cost for the physician and no upgrade or installation required. With Nightingale On Demand you already have everything you need for your practice management.

Patient Referral Portal

The Care Converge Patient Referral Portal solution is a completely integrated bi-directional solution that allows referring physicians to securely refer patients online.

M2is Patient Portal

To provide hospitals, operating in a difficult and competitive environment, software applications that enhance and control their operations." We issue two challenges to our software developers every day ; make "functional" software that is extremely "flexible" and meet the needs of today's healthcare professionals and organizations.

PrognoCIS Patient Portal

The Bizmatics, Inc. Patient Portal provides communication services between patients and providers. Providers grant patients access (with a secure username and password) to information through a web connection. Patients can log in to the system to: check appointment schedules, request and appointment, check lab results, examine statements, request a prescription refill, complete a new patient intake form. Great embed product for EMR solutions. Contact us for more information regarding bizmatics OEM capabilities.

Televox Services

See website


gUro offers an easy to use, turn-key solution for Urology practices that integrates medical visits, procedures and billing in a single system with limited, inexpensive customization. With gUro, offices can become more efficient and paperless sooner, leading to a higher return on investment.

dbMotion™ Solution

dbMotion provides the foundation for interoperability and secure health information exchange throughout the continuum of care. Innovative and powerful information-driven applications and physician tools empower care providers with a harmonized patient-centric medical record and actionable data to facilitate coordinated care and population management. The robust, standards-based dbMotion platform enables agile use of information technology through its service oriented architecture (SOA), leveraging existing systems, reducing costs and enabling organizations to flexibly grow and meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


Audio, TEXT, Print and WEB based patient appointment reminders and patient information


fxPatient provides the abililty to store critical data pertinent to managing long-term treatments and other health-related information, so that it can be integrated into the physician’s view — seamlessly and in real-time. fxPatient lets the caregiver personalize clinical data relevant to the patient’s care and can easily integrate educational material from the hospital or the Web. The result is an informed patient, a more productive staff, and a more complete exchange of clinical data.

Patient Portal

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