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MedicalSummary is a secure Internet-based personal health record service available worldwide 24/7, featuring your own printed MedSum Card. Update it anytime and carry your wallet-size MedSum Card when you train, compete or travel.

Fee: $30.00

Capzule PHR by Webahn, Inc

Organize all your health data in One App - Your Personal Health Record. A must have for parents, caregivers and chronic patients

Fee: $4.99

On, store all of the information about your: Medications, Allergies, Conditions, Medical, History, Physicians, Emergency Contacts, Supplements, Immunizations, Procedures, Family History, Insurance...and More!



MedNotice provides, secure, affordable storage for and access to your advance medical directive and related medical documents. The system is quick and easy. Your PIN number is printed on an orange card that informs medical personnel that you have documents stored on the MedNotice system. By entering your PIN number in the space to your right, healthcare professionals can gain access to documents from any web-enabled computer worldwide.


myMediConnect; Passport MD

MediConnect Global is the world leader in medical records retrieval, digitization, coding, extraction, and analysis. With more than 6 million medical records currently hosted in their online repository, MediConnect is the leader in electronic health information exchange. In addition to offering the secure retrieval and exchange of health records, MediConnect also provides its clientele with a robust online document management system that includes completely customizable workflow solutions which are tailored to each individual customer's needs.



MyLifeSaver™ gives emergency access to vital medical information about you—available anywhere in the world at any time via the Internet—so its ideal for overseas travel.



SynChart was developed with one goal: to improve the communication of health information between patients and their healthcare providers. Our mission is to provide safe, secure, accurate, readily available, and easy-to-use personal health records for emergency needs and personal health record management. 

Fee: Varies

Dr. I-Net

Frequently, you have to reproduce your entire health history when changing doctors or when faced with a medical emergency. With your records just a click away, Dr. I-Net empowers you to take charge of your health information and provides a gateway to numerous healthcare resources. Storing your medical records on Dr. I-Net is a FREE and confidential service.


Powerful Patient Solutions, Inc.

The Do It Yourself Kit is available by mail.  If you don't have the time or the computer skills to do it yourself, we can do it all for you.  Or we will meet with you to help you begin creating your personal health record.

Fee: $40.00

Machealth’s vision is to improve the quality and safety of health care by empowering individuals to have a greater understanding and involvement in their medical information. YourHealthRecord was developed as place for you to collect and manage a lifetime of health and personal information in a logical and organized format.


Medical ID Card

No information is released unless you provide your username and password to enter the site.  You can change your password at any time. Card can be folded to size of a credit card

Fee: Free


Take control of your health today by using the following features of MediCompass! UPLOAD your data from any of the many self-monitoring devices in our Connect library using MetrikLink with your phone or PC. VIEW your data on the MediCompass Dashboard or any of the individual charts and graphs.SHARE your data with those involved in your care to get the most out of your online health record.



Members are paired with a registered nurse who works with them confidentially, one-on-one to develop a personalized wellness strategy and make the journey to wellness with them every step of the way. Coupled with secure on-line access to their personal health information and an extensive collection of tools and resources, HealthString provides the support employees need to achieve their wellness goals. HealthString members may also take our on-line Health Risk Assessment and/or complete a biometric screening, which helps them track progress year after year.

Fee: $16.50/mo

Magnus Health Portal

Combine all of your paper forms into an online health form. Magnus Health SMR gives your school the ability to collect all of the heath information you need from students in one online form, our Vital Health Record. Emergency contacts, insurance, healthcare providers, allergies, medications and more, all in one location.

Fee: $10/Student per year

Managing family health records is a challenge. Instead of a filling a file folder with medical information or creating a makeshift spreadsheet, get a handle on your health with NoMoreClipboard. You can easily compile and manage family medical records, and send those records to your physician right from NoMoreClipboard before your next medical appointment.



MiVIATM is an online personal health record system that provides a safe place to store important health information. As a MiVIA member, you are able to share your health information with your doctors and other healthcare providers. The information is private and confidential. No information is given to anyone without your permission.



Our brand new approach is inspired by the real-world activities that your employees already know and love. It's totally entertaining. It's social. It uses teams to drive healthy behavior.


Stabilix PHR Lite by Stabilix Corporation

PHR Lite helps you in tracking your personal health records. You can keep track of your blood glucose, blood pressure, calorie intake, cholesterol and body measurements. You can also watch for variations of these readings using built-in charts. BMI & Fat calculators are also included. If you like PHR Lite, do check out PHR Pro with advanced features.



Your health is important to you — all of the time. That’s why Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin and Community Memorial Hospital offer MyChart. With this Internet connection to your doctor’s office, you can view appointments, see your health history, get test results and renew prescriptions online — any time!



Why isn't accessing your health records as easy as online banking? Now it is: VitalChart Health Records gives you a secure, free way to store your entire family's health records as well as powerful tools for accessing those records when and where you need them


People Chart

Imagine the complete medical records for yourself and your family in one organized, secure location. A complete history of your own health care across physicians, a comprehensive medical records for your spouse, and immunization records for your children – organized in an automated system for simple access as a data source for your personal information – constantly-accurate and kept up to date.

Fee: $24.95/month

Merck Source

Explore this extensive array of third-party resources such as Medical References similar to those used by your physician, Interactive Learning tools to help you visualize your health, hundreds of Health News and Articles, and Support Resources for help and support.



If you have any medical condition that may put you at risk in an emergency, you need MedicAlert Advantage. MedicAlert Advantage membership, for adults 18 and above, allows you to manage your emergency medical information record (EMIR®). We ensure your vital medical information is immediately known to emergency responders and will speak for you when you cannot.


A gateway for personalized healthcare information, products, and services. Members can Video Visit with a Doctor, get a prescription, monitor their health, and get free wireless intranet services. Major Health Plans accepted. Open 24/7



HealtheTracks™ is a user friendly, quick, efficient system that allows you to keep your family's up-to-date health records online. These are YOUR observations, YOUR questions, YOUR notes. After all, who is more concerned about YOUR family's health than you? From anywhere in the world, 24/7, it's easy, secure, and always at your fingertips!

Fee: 24.95/year

MediConnect Global

myMediConnect creates a PHR for you by using our exclusive MediConnect record retrieval system. Simply fill out our online medical record request and HIPAA release form and a MediConnect retrieval specialist will contact your doctor, pharmacist, clinic, or hospital directly to request copies of your medical records on your behalf. After retrieving your records, MediConnect will organize, digitize, and upload your records directly to your myMediConnect account. You can relax and be assured your records are being safely handled by the premier medical record retrieval company in the world.


Healthy Circles

The HealthyCircle Connected Health Platform is an integrated, private label capable suite of online Professional and Consumer Portals that seamlessly connects health care professionals, patients, families and caregivers.


Stabilix PHR Pro by Stabilix Corporation

PHR Lite helps you in tracking your personal health records. You can keep track of your blood glucose, blood pressure, calorie intake, cholesterol and body measurements. You can also watch for variations of these readings using built-in charts. BMI & Fat calculators are also included. If you like PHR Lite, do check out PHR Pro with advanced features.

Fee: $9.99

Personal Health Record is a secure web-based application that stores important health for our plan members and clinicians.  Health information is collected automatically and stored from the healthplan and the various wellness and care management programs that the member is part of.  Members can also enter their own information directly into the record.  The information can the be access and made available to authorized medical professionals and entities, as needed.



MediKeeper was one of the pioneers of the Personal Health Record industry and the leader in promoting a patient-centered approach emphasizing the 3 P’s: Patient-Control, Portability, and Privacy. The MediKeeper PHR is the most user-friendly and feature-packed in the industry and provides powerful backend integration with data inputs.



The key feature to understand about the Dossia Record is that it is personal and private. You choose how much data is collected in your record and shared, with whom, and in what form. It is recommended that you share a complete record with your physician, but the decision is always in your hands. Your record will also be portable; you can continue to update it and use it even if you move to another state or change employers, health plans or doctors.



The CareEngine helps improve the quality of care you receive. It analyzes medical, lab and pharmacy claims information, as well as information provided by you and your doctor, and compares it to the latest findings in the medical literature.

Fee: $6.95/year


ZebraHealth is growing a new generation of tools and resources to simplify the complexities of health care for consumers, employers and health care professionals. We have planted the seeds of change to redefine health care.



Patients need high quality information about treatments and conditions. This information has been produced to the highest standards in the UK by EIDO Healthcare and the leading charities involved in supporting patients and careers. helps you find accredited websites that can help you get more information about your condition, or any treatments that may have been recommended to you.


#1 EMRapproved Selection: Microsoft HealthVault

EMRapproved recommends the Microsoft HealthVault for it's functionality and features and for it's usability with consumer products and services. If you choose the Microsoft HealthVault for your PHR and personal health care needs, let us know and we will send you a FREE secure PHR key to carry your records wherever you go! There’s a peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got your health information at your fingertips. HealthVault connects with tools designed to help you stay organized, prepared, and ready for emergencies, letting you handle day-to-day events or emergencies with confidence. Click link also to their connectivity tools below: HealthVault Connection Center:



ICW's flexible LifeSensor technology enables the development of Personal Health Solutions that enable healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to provide direct communication with clients and patients. Personal health solutions can be either integrated with portals or installed as applications on mobile devices.



AMFS MyHealth "Personal Health Record" is a web base online personal health record which allows users to create, store, view and manage personal health information in one secure central location. Users can print out a report for medical office visits or emergencies or access information at any time online



Using myHealthFolders you can easily manage all of your important medical information. myHealthFolders is not only for you. You can also include all the members of your family. Now it's easy to keep track of everyone's doctors, medicines, insurance and medical history in one place.



LifeOnKey’s user-friendly platform empowers individuals by pairing comprehensive health and wellness information with online tools to help them make better, more informed choices, more effectively manage their care and improve their quality of life.

Fee: Paid


Our software is designed to be simple to use and to make your life easier. We believe you should spend more time doing the things you enjoy, and less time worrying about taking medications, remembering appointments, tracking prescriptions, reordering supplies and scheduling care.


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