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MediGain is a global full-service professional medical billing and reimbursement provider. MediGain helps physicians, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals optimize revenue and maximize reimbursements. MediGain’s Revenue Cycle Management system, with proprietary reporting and analytics features, helps reduce expenses while allowing medical professionals to devote more time to patient care. * 95%+ clean claim submission rate. * 96-99% of claims paid within 60 days * Dedicated Denials Management Team assuring you get all the money you are due.

Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer has more than 30 years of experience providing hospitals with integrated revenue cycle operational management solutions that stabilize financial performance and ensure long-term sustainability. Our patient communications and financial management solutions align to support your margin and your mission so you can focus on what matters most – caring for patients in your community.


RemitDATA helps outpatient healthcare providers improve financial performance through real-time, SaaS-based reimbursement and utilization solutions, resulting in increased reimbursements, improved business practices and operational efficiencies. Currently serving more than 75,000 healthcare providers, the company continues to experience tremendous growth and enjoys a more than 90 percent client renewal rate.


DocFinity provides enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), adaptable workflow, and collaboration software and services to healthcare companies of all types and sizes, including payers and providers (on premise, Saas, and hosted options). Use DocFinity to automate payment processes, comply with regulations, connect LOB silos, and improve business performance - enabling better decision-making, improving responsiveness, and reducing expenses.

Parallon Business Solutions

Parallon is a leading healthcare business and operational services company. Our solutions include revenue cycle, supply chain, purchasing, technology, workforce and consulting. With our deep knowledge, long track record of operational excellence and comprehensive offerings, we have helped hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems thrive in the communities they serve.

IGI Health

IGI is a leading provider of solutions for clinical and revenue cycle data. We leverage your existing systems without the need and expense to replace them. Our ORBIT® portal drives the exchange of data between systems and allows trading partners to stay on top of emerging IT initiatives and mandates.


Fiserv provides automated EOB and remittance processing that improves the speed and quality of the revenue cycle. Claims and payments from health plans and patients are automatically reconciled. Fiserv is a leading global provider f information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry.

AgilePoint, Inc

AgilePoint is a leading provider of flexible and extensible workflow and BPM solutions. With AgilePoint, overcoming the end-to-end automation challenges to deliver maximum efficiency and cost savings has never been easier. From patient onboarding to streamlining EMR integration, AgilePoint lets you create adaptable workflows and end-to-end integration using familiar tools like Visio, SharePoint, etc., quickly and easily. AgilePoint can be deployed on-premise or on the Cloud.


SSI is a national healthcare information technology company that supports provider, payer and physician services in managing their revenue cycle recovery. Established in 1988, SSI maintains corporate headquarters in Mobile, Ala., with branch facilities in Clearwater, Fla., Denver, Colo. and Chesapeake, Va. The company supports approximately 2,400+ customers nationwide with more than 200,000 built-in edits and over 1,200+ payer connections.


Streamline Health Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including: enterprise content management (ECM), business analytics, integrated workflow systems, clinical documentation improvement (CDI), and computer assisted coding (CAC). Across the revenue cycle, these solutions help provider organizations communicate between disparate departments and information systems to improve clinical, administrative and financial performance.

ClinicSpectrum Inc.

Clinicspectrum is a healthcare services company providing outsourcing and back office solutions for medical billing companies, medical offices, hospital billing departments, and hospital medical records departments. Our primary expertise is in providing claims Follow-Up, credentialing, eligibility verification, appointment scheduling, filing of scanned medical records, claims entry, and payment posting. Due to rising costs for all billing companies, healthcare providers and reduced insurance reimbursement rates offices should not burden their staff with tasks that can be performed by our team for a lesser fee along with better results. We use the strictest auditing methods to insure optimal outcomes for our clients and always guarantee confidentiality. The company is promoted by technical experts from diversified industries. In a span of 10 years, we have been able to transform several billing companies and healthcare facilities nationwide into efficiency engines. Our strategy is to build productivity through the use of technology, highly trained personnel, and customized consulting services. With resources composed of 52+ employees nationwide and 250+ employees overseas, we have found a solution for all the problems in running a medical billing company and medical practice resulting in better clinical records, revenue cycle, and administrative task management. We are the sole proprietors of the medical billing back office, data entry, and call center services we provide. This allows us to streamline all our respective services into one effective solution for running a medical billing company, medical practice and a hospital billing department. Currently we are servicing clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and expanding throughout the United States of America. Our offices are based in New Jersey, Texas and North Carolina

Infor Healthcare

Infor Healthcare, home to the Lawson Software portfolio, is the industry-leading provider of healthcare IT solutions that align business processes and data across talent management, supply chain, revenue management, and financials. We’re also home to Cloverleaf, the healthcare integration platform that connects data, doctors, and communities. If you need to create an agile organization that can react to marketplace changes before the competition.


Serving 113,000 healthcare providers across all care settings, we are a nationally recognized provider of healthcare revenue technology and information. Offering eligibility verification, claims management, patient payment estimation and processing, online bill pay, online and offline statement delivery, innovative lockbox services, analytics, coding compliance and more, our solutions simplify the complexities of payments for providers and patients. We resolve many problems with one simple solution.

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